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Grape variety Turca
Grape colour Red grape
Vigour Good
Ripening First decade of October (III-IV epoch).
Ampelographic features Leaf: medium-sized, cordiform, tri-or five-lobed; petiolar sinus with V-U open, upper side sinuses not very pronounced, V-U; inferior lateral breasts, when there are, just mentioned; angle at the top of the right terminal lobes; slightly revolved lobes; almost flat flap, slightly revolved; glabrous upper page, green with yellowish-green veins, opaque; arachnoid inferior page, light green with light green ribs, protruding; side teeth not very pronounced, regular, convex. Bunch with industrial maturity: rather small (16-18 cm) of average compact appearance, cylindrical, simple and sometimes with a wing; visible peduncle, herbaceous, markedly reddish; the bright red color of the foliar petioles and the stems, in particular, of the peduncles of the bunches and of the pedicels, stands out from the harvest. Berry: medium-sized (transversal diameter 16.3 to 17.4 mm), spheroid, regular, persistent navel, regular cross-section, very pruinose, medium consistent skin, blue-black in color; colorless juice, juicy pulp, neutral flavor; medium pedicels, of a characteristic bright red color; red rim, obvious; long and purple brush.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety The wine is a deep ruby ​​red color, with organoleptic characteristics with a prevalent fruity-floral note. The taste is medium-bodied, sapid, with medium-high acidity and slightly bitter.

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