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Rebsorte Longanesi
Synonyme Uva Longanesi, Burson
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Wuchskraft Gut
Traubenreife Medium
Anbaugebiet Uva Longanesi today covers 494 acres in the area of Bagnacavallo and Faenza in Emilia-Romagna in north-central Italy.
Geschichte The Longanesi grape variety originates from Boncellino (Bagnacavallo, in the province of Ravenna), where the mother plant was found in the family of Longanesi family (nicknamed "Bursòn"), which still produces it today. The vine was found climbing to an oak, and initially thought it was a Negoty biotype. The Longanesi Grape was officially recognized in the National Register of Vine Varieties in 2000.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: medium, pentagonal, pentalobata; Twisted flap; Petiole breast open to U; Upper lateral breasts generally closed, sometimes with slightly overlapping, deep enough U-edges, lower lateral lateral veins, often V-shaped, shallow or just mentioned. Grapolo: Medium, conical or cylindrical-conic, elongated, wedge-shaped (with 1 wing), medium-sized spatula. Acino: medium or medium-large, spheroidal; Dense, consistent, blue-black color.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale This grape gives varietal wines qualified as IGT Ravenna, there are two categories: the Etichetta Nera ("Black label"), a more ambitious version (minimum twenty months in oak and a proportion of dried grapes), and the less oaked and less ambitious Etichetta Blue, which may be made using the technique of carbonic maceration to soften the tannins.

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Umberto Cesari
IGT Rubicone, 90% Sangiovese, 10% Longanesi
14,00%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 60,72
Ersparnis CHF 9,34 (15%)
CHF 51,38 inkl. USt.
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