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Informationen über Casavecchia

Rebsorte Casavecchia
Synonyme Trebulanum
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Wuchskraft Sehr gut
Traubenreife Third decade of September.
Produktivität Half halved compared to the control variety: 11.5 Kg / plant against 21.7 Kg / plant of "Merlot". However, the cluster is heavier than that of the Merlot, with an average value of 284 g versus 191 g.
Anbaugebiet Campania
Geschichte Pliny the Elder was the first to talk about the goodness of the wines of the territory north of Caserta in the Naturalis Historia. He praised that Campania had raised the value of some wines, the cauliflower and the trebulanum. The latter was approached by some at Casavecchia as Pliny referred to the trebulanum as a wine that was produced in the quadrilateral Pontelatone, Formicola, Castel di Sasso and Liberi. The area was known for the first Sannitic and later Roman center of Trebula Baliniensis, the current Treglia. The Trebulanum was the soldiers' wine. There is, however, no certain knowledge of the origin of the Casavecchia, there is only a legend passed down among the peasants that make it up to the discovery in an old "old house" ruin. There, at the beginning of the 20th century, an old straw of about 1 meter diameter survived the epidemics of oidio and phylloxera of the eighteenth century. Propagation took place through cutting and cuttings and the ancient method of propaganda, previously described by Columella, which involves the trapping of a branch until it develops its own roots.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: medium size, sometimes small, pentagonal, pentalobata sometimes trilobata; The top page is glabra, medium green; The lower side is medium-tensed or very radiant, light green; Red petiole breast, slightly open to U, sometimes very open; Upper side breasts open to U, thus lower lateral sinuses, if present; The flap is protruding on the petiole insert, medium bulky; Teeth at straight-convex sides, medium. Bunch: It is medium to large and sparrow, stretched and wider; Peduncle is visible, semi-lignificate. Acino: medium, small, uniform, elliptical, circular section; The skin is thick, with a uniform blue-black color, with an apparent navel, very pruinosa; The pulp is colorless, juicy, soft, with a neutral, sweet flavor; The pedicel is medium and separates rather difficultly.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale The wine has a fine ruby ​​color with purple nail. It has scents of undergrowth, plum, cherry, grass and spices. It has good aging capacity, reinforced by the wooden passage. Since 2002 it has been recognized in the specification of Igt of Volturno.
Noten It has a very low yield of about 60 ql per hectare.

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DOC Casavecchia di Pontelatone Rosso Riserva, 100% Casavecchia
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IGT Terre del Volturno, Pallagrello Nero, Casavecchia
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