Tenuta di Fiorano

Tenuta di Fiorano

The Tenuta di Fiorano with its wines, the Fiorano Rosso and Fiorano Bianco, and its history so rich in innovative ideas and a few mysteries located near the Appia Antica is owned by Prince Alessandrojacopo Boncompagni Ludovisi.

The fame of the Estate is also linked to the figure of Prince Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi, a character that time has shrouded in deserved legend. Between the 1940s and 1950s, Alberico became passionate about wine production and chose, a pioneer in Italy, to plant cabernet sauvignon and merlot, malvasia di Candia and an unknown, for the time, sémillon.

Among the few people who liked to frequent Alberico in those years were his cousin Paolo Boncompagni Ludovisi and his son Alessandrojacopo, who already owned part of the Estate in the area, including the small church of Santa Fresca and the neighbouring villa. Paolo and Alessandro began to take care of the Estate, always guided by Alberico, who had retired to Rome due to health problems.

Between 1999 and 2004, Alessandro bought another 13 hectares of land near the initial nucleus. First, he planted an experimental vineyard with his father in front of the Villa di Santa Fresca. Then, he set up a new vineyard to follow the one that had previously been explanted.

Alessandro, then in his early twenties and with a little experience but with great passion, was guided by Alberico in the choice of land, clones and planting of the vineyard, all always organically managed, right up to the winemaking operations. The same operations continue today both in the processing method and in the employment of workers, including Gianni Valenti, the historical memory.

After manual harvesting, the grapes are pressed by hand, and the vinification takes place in the Old Cellar. Then the wine, by gravity, arrives at the Historic Cellar, where it continues with ageing in the old barrels and prolonged resting in the bottle. Alberico applied his experience in everything, but when choosing the grape varieties for the white wines, his elderly cousin, without explanation, imposed the use of other clones, Grechetto and Viognier, and never wanted to hear of sémillon again.

Alessandrojacopo succeeded Alberico, who today is at the helm of the Estate of around 200 hectares of land comprising vineyards, olive groves, arable land and pastures. And above all, that Historical Cellar with the wines jealously preserved inside it that Alberico allowed a very lucky few, including Veronelli, to visit and that Alessandrojacopo, out of respect, continues to keep protected to this day.

Información sobre Tenuta di Fiorano

  • Nombre
    Tenuta di Fiorano
  • Región:
  • Año de inicio
  • Dirección
    Via di Fioranello, 19 - Roma (RM)
  • Sitio web
  • Enólogo
    Lorenzo Costantini
  • Botellas producidas
  • Hectáreas
  • Tipo de cultivo
    Agricultura orgánica.

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