Oban Whisky 14 years old

Oban, 0,70 l - 43,00%

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Escocia - Reino Unido
Scotch Whisky

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Oban Whisky 14 years old

Whiskey products in Oban, a place where the land and the sea meet, generally have fruity notes, a medium body and distinctive spicy traits.


Gold color with amber reflections


Very mineral and coniferous, with notes of seaweed, freshly cut meadow and lemon just mentioned. It is also possible to pick cherries that give it a bit of sweetness and then return to the harshest character with notes of orange juice and a pinch of smoke. There is also a mix of honey mixed with caramel. Undoubtedly particular to the smell and very distinctive though contrasting between sweet and bitter.


Of medium body, it comes with vanilla, pleasant woody notes, honey, but also toasted dried fruit, primarily hazelnuts and a slightly hinted almond tip. Shortly cherry, but predominates an essence of malt, very full and dense. It is also possible to see a note of dried leather and background spices that give it a similar look - Bourbon. Even here, as in the smell, there is a contrast between the two facets of whiskey: on the one hand, sweeter notes and, on the other hand, notes that tend to sap and aspro. Overall interesting but not perfectly integrated. Finish medium long, somewhat dry and with a pleasant note of sea breeze. At the same time it is lively and fresh.

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Nombre Oban Whisky 14 years old
Tipo de destilado Scotch Whisky
Formato 0,70 l
Grado alcohólico 43,00% en volumen
Región Escocia
Historia The Oban Distillery is one of the oldest in Scotland and its history is closely linked to that of the homonymous town in which it is located. The small center has been developed around the distillery, which was founded in 1794 and was the heart of the life of the local community right from the start. Its founders, John and Hugh Stevenson, are also reminded of having founded the town. The property was maintained by the Stevenson family until 1869 when, following the death of Thomas Stevenson, Hugh's son, was lost. In 1883, J.Walter Higgin acquired the entire production plant, refurbishing it after dismantling between 1890 and 1894. The reconstruction took place taking into account all the features that made Oban's whiskey famous.
Alérgenos Contiene sulfitos
En oferta Precio Oban Whisky 14 years old € 55,53  sin IVA
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In the heart of the small town of Oban, on the west coast of Scotland, stands the homonymous distillery, whose name has become legendary thanks to the production of Single Malts appreciated all over the world. It is a small urban distillery, one of t...

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