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Information about Seychelles

Climate and soil
The climate of the Seychelles, according to Köppen's classification of climates, falls into the Af category (tropical rainforest): the temperature undergoes small variations during the year, remaining between 24 and 30 degrees centigrade, and the humidity rate is rather high, with precipitations of about 2 900-3600 mm per year (data referred to Mahé, which has more rain than the other granite islands.
It is thought that at least some of the islands of the Seychelles may have been visited by Austronesian-Malaysian navigators en route to Madagascar around 200-300 BC, as well as by Maldivian or Arab sailors during commercial exploration of the Indian Ocean. An Arabic manuscript dated 851 AD mentions the Maldives and generically other islands beyond them, probably the Seychelles. Although the Arabs traded in the prized fruit of the coco de mer, which is endemic to some of the islands in this archipelago, many years before their discovery, it is more likely that they obtained it from fruit that had fallen and drifted with the current in Indonesia or the Maldives after it had decomposed, rather than seeking it directly on the islands. The actual discovery of the Seychelles by Europeans is generally dated to 1502, when the Portuguese admiral Vasco da Gama, on his way to East Africa from India, sighted some islands that were named after him, the Amirantes or "Admiral's Islands": on Portuguese maps, the Seychelles began to appear as the "Seven Sisters". However, it was not until 19 January 1609 that Europeans set foot in the Seychelles: the British East India Company's ship Ascension, en route to India, was forced by a storm to deviate and find refuge in a bay on an island in the archipelago, which proved to be uninhabited but rich in water and food, particularly giant tortoises. The crew were refreshed and returned home to report the incident, but no attention was paid to them.
Typical dishes
Seychelles cuisine is a Creole cuisine based on fish (including shellfish and seafood) and rice. There are also exotic fruits, vegetables and tubers. Also because of its mixed population, Seychelles cuisine has undergone many influences, with contributions from French, Chinese, Indian and African cuisines.

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Producer Takamaka
Spirit type Rum
Region: Seychelles
Made from
Alcohol: 38.00% by volume
Size: 0,70 l
Special Features:
Price € 20.71
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€ 19.35
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