Mondeuse Noire

Mondeuse Noire

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Rebsorte Mondeuse Noire
Synonyme Angelique, Begean, Bon Savoyan, Grosse Sirah, La Dame, Savoyard, Savoyet
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Wuchskraft Hervorragend
Traubenreife The grape tends to ripen mid season.
Produktivität Less than 500 acres in all of France. The Mondeuse vine is vigorous (though possibly less so than Syrah/Shiraz grown in the same vineyard conditions) and requires robust pruning.
Anbaugebiet Savoy, Bugey
Geschichte It has been confused in the past with Refosco because it was mistakenly referred to in California when it was introduced, although it has nothing to do with the Refosco cultivated in Italy.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale It is aromatic with a deep purple color, with plenty of acidity and considerable tannins. The bouquet is powerfully aromatic, with notes of sour cherries, damson plums, pencil lead and a invigorating hint of black pepper.
Noten It is susceptible to drought and cholorosis, can be vulnerable to mites, and to downy and powdery mildew (Oidium).

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