Ceretto Barolo Chinato 0.5L
Ceretto Barolo Chinato 0.5L

Ceretto, 0,50 l - 17,00%
100% Nebbiolo

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Piamonte - Italia
Tinto licoroso dulce aromatizado

Cómo servir

Servir a:

14 -16°C.


10 - 15 años


Ceretto Barolo Chinato 0.5L

The history of this wine is linked to the lively winemaking reality of the Langhe at the end of the 19th century. The protagonists are Dr. Cappellano of Serralunga and Dr. Zabaldano of Monforte, who were able to apply, each according to their own formula, the much vaunted properties of the China Calissaia to Barolo, creating an elixir with immediate commercial fame and lasting fortunes interior of the peasant culture of the region. After obtaining a certain market interest, Barolo Chinato knows the indifference of the decades following the second post-war period, precisely in correspondence with the crisis of the peasant cultural models. Ceretto understands its importance and is among the protagonists of its relaunch at the end of the 80s. Our formula provides for the use of a Barolo D.O.C.G. to which are added the herbs, a dozen, strictly selected, and the China Calissaia, infused separately in alcohol. The tasting result is a continuous succession of flavors that closes with a pleasantly bitterish note perfectly balanced by sugar. Barolo Chinato can be considered an excellent meal and can well accompany desserts based on chocolate.




Nombre Ceretto Barolo Chinato 0.5L
Tipo Tinto licoroso dulce aromatizado
Formato 0,50 l
Grado alcohólico 17,00% en volumen
Cepas 100% Nebbiolo
Región Piamonte
Alérgenos Contiene sulfitos
En oferta Precio Ceretto Barolo Chinato 0.5L € 31,36  sin IVA

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When UNESCO added the vineyard landscape of Langhe-Roero to the list of World Heritage Sites in 2014, we saw this as confirmation of an insight that had revealed itself more than half a century earlier. The Ceretto winery was founded in the 1930s: Ri...

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