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The reliefs are rich in valleys in the Prealps in the central part and rise in the chain of the Southern Alps to the east and north-east (which culminate at 3412 m at the Aiguille de Chambeyron - Alpes-de-Haute-Provence). The coasts from Marseille to Menton are rather steep (Calanques - Maures - Esterel). Erosion due to violent summer storms can form very deep gorges. The plans of Haute Provence border the pre-Alps from the central hills (Plateau de Valensole - Plan de Canjuers - Plateau d'Albion). The west of the region is marked by the plain of the Crau and the Camargue which are the only true flat areas of the Provençal region.

Known for its food, beautiful landscapes, endless fields of lavender, the Provence attracts tourists from all over the world, seduced by the relaxed and genuine atmosphere of this beautiful region of the south-east of the France. Although food represents the main gastronomic element of the area, the vino also plays a very important role, just as an accompaniment to typical dishes.
The history of the introduction of vineyards in the region is not well known, but it is thought to be a Greek or Italic influence. The wine-making tradition of the ancient Romans was undoubtedly fundamental for the diffusion of the vineyards in Gaul, a tradition that reached maturity thanks to the intense succession of different cultures and influences, first of all the Romans, then the Carolingian Empire, the Saracens, the Holy Roman Empire and the numerous feudal lords and not , of Toulouse, d 'Angiò, of Savoia and of the Kingdom of Sardinia. The latter was precisely the power that gave a decisive turn to the Provencal production of wine, through the diffusion of various types of vines.
To create the environment suitable for the production of wine is the particular position of Provence, overlooking the sea and affected both by sun and heat (in summer temperatures can be very high), which from the relief of the sea breeze, but also the soil quality promotes the cultivation and production of excellent wines. In fact it is rich in silica and is made up of pebbles which, according to the winemakers, contribute to give fullness to the product.
Climate and soil allow the perfect ripening of the grapes and the obtaining of excellent wines, mainly rosati, perfect to accompany the meat dishes of the area, but also rossi and < b> whites of Italian and French influence. Recall the rosé Miraval and Chateau Riotor, among the whites the Chardonnay and the Sauvignon Blanc and among the reds < b> Braquet and the Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Information about Provence

Soil and climate
Provence is a region with a privileged climate, which benefits from the influence of the Mediterranean, with hot and dry summers. Winters are gentle near the coast, generally humid to the east, but are harder to the north and north-east (Pelat, Ubaye, Digne Prealpi) in the Alpine area. In the central and Mediterranean part the vegetation of Provence is steppe-like, with the risk of summers particularly rich in fires. In return, in the easternmost part and in the alpine part it becomes greener and humid.
The name derives from the Province (Narbonensis), a Roman province founded around 122 BC, called by Augustus onwards Gallia Narbonensis. Invaded and conquered by Visigoths, Burgundians and Franks, in 510 Provence was occupied by Theodoric. Returned to the Franks after the fall of the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy, it was agitated by rebellions and damaged by Arab incursions, culminating in the Saracen occupation of the Fraxinet, which lasted about a century (890-983). In the division of the Carolingian Empire to the death of Ludovico il Pio, Provence touched Lotario, who in 855 made it a political and territorially autonomous unit with the Duchy of Lyon, assigning it to his son Charles. Returning to the Frankish state of Charles the Bald, it was assigned to Duke Bosone (876), then to his son Ludovico il Cieco, who was forced to recognize the authority of his feudal lords and especially of Hugh, from 926 king of 'Italy. The latter ceded his rights to the kings of Burgundy, who united Provence to their state, dragging it into the political orbit of the Holy Roman Empire, of which it became an integral part of the time of Corrado II the Salico.
Typical products
In the Bandol area the Mourvèdre is grown, which gives an aging wine of a deep color and a bouquet with hints of blackberries, rich in tannins and acidity in the mouth combined with a complex aftertaste of currants, cinnamon, violet and aromatic herbs. In the Bellet area the Rolle is grown, which dominates the white wines with minor additions of Ugni Blanc and Mayorquin, while for the red wines the grapes are Fuella, Braquet and Cinsault. For rosés all these vines are used together with several others, authorized in the district.
Typical dishes
It is said that that of Provence is the "kitchen of the sun", because at the base of the best regional dishes we find raw materials that need a lot of sun to ripen like olives, tomatoes, garlic and aromatic herbs typical of the area ( rosemary, marjoram, thyme). Provencal cuisine is simple but very tasty and makes extensive use of both land and sea products. Among the typical dishes of this area we find the "Bouillebaisse", that is a fish soup with tomato and saffron (exquisite that of Arles), the tasty "Brandade", a kind of creamed cod, the lamb of Luberon, famous for its tasty meat, the "Gardiane de taureau", or the stew of bull typical of the Camargue, the "Pissaladiére", a sort of pizza with onion cream, cheese and herbs, the "Bignets de sardines", appetizing sardine fillets fried and the classic "Moules à la marseillaise", mussels seasoned with tomato. Among the Provencal desserts, the ancient and delicious "calisson" produced in Aix en Provance since 1473 and exported today all over the world deserve a taste. The craftsmanship, candied melons and almonds make these sweets a real delicacy.

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