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La Valentina

Fattoria La Valentina was established in 1990, in the town of Spoltore, in the hills near Pescara, Abruzzo region. In 1994, Sabatino, Roberto and Andrea Di Properzio took over the company after a few partner changes. Between the vines and the cellar, then began our work in close contact with nature. And its fruits. After the first few years of studying the Santa Teresa vineyard, the passion for the search for quality and the desire to enhance Abruzzo's D.O.C. wines took over and became the company's main objective. The company's purpose is to understand better and respect the local terroir. The result is qualitatively healthier and more authentic wines. Animated by the certainty that actual quality improvement must take place with absolute respect for the biological balance, vintage after vintage, the winery has rigorously applied a philosophy that leaves aside the use of chemistry and technology.

In short, the company has set itself to intervene as little as possible in nature's processes to represent the DOC vine's mark better, ensure that the fertility of the land is maintained, and help make the plants healthy so that they can independently resist disease and parasites. This respect for nature aims to respect the terroir in the final product: unique wines.

This is the secret to the originality of these wines. The microclimate, the soil linked to well-adapted vines, yield wines with a marked and unique character. Wines that speak of places and cultivations come from the sum of many small details and the passion we put into them every day. Authentic wines.

For this reason, La Valentina has chosen 100% to adhere to the principles of sustainable development and consider the environment and sustainability as factors of competitiveness. The training of all employees to carry out their duties in an environmentally responsible manner and the continuous monitoring of the company's adherence to the principles of sustainable development are elements to constantly improve the social and environmental policy and performance of the company, which is also a family.

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    La Valentina
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    Via Torretta, 52 - Spoltore (PE)
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    Luca D'Attoma
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    Organic farming.

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