Groppello gentile

Groppello gentile

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Information about Groppello gentile

Grape variety Groppello gentile
Synonyms Groppella, Groppello comune, Groppello fino, Groppello della Val di Non.
Grape colour Red grape
Variety Autochthonous
Vigour Very good
Ripening End of September - early October.
Productivity Abundant and regular.
Areas of cultivation In the past, it was present especially in the areas of Vicenza, Verona, Treviso, Trentino and Lombardy.
History If they have news from 1550, but under that name, there were different types of grapes that shared the cluster's compactness.
Ampelographic features Leaf: remember that of the "gentle" or "average" slave; Of medium size, pentagonal, elongated, trilobed with IV and V lobe sometimes mentioned; Closed vein breast sometimes closed; Upper side veins open to V; Lower side breasts just mentioned; Upper page glabra, dark green, opaque; Bottom page with glabrous hairs at the intersection of ribs, light green; Flap folded to gutter; Coarsely shaped and unmarked lobes; Corner at the top of the acute terminal lobe, the surface of the flap being slightly wavy; 1st and 2nd ribs protruding below, light green on the top, yellowish yellow on the lower one; Very pronounced, irregular side teeth, with convex-convex edges. Bunch: Medium size (20 to 25 cm long), medium compact, elongated conical-cylindrical shape, sometimes with a short wing; Medium, visible, large, half-legged, green-pink peduncle. Acino: medium thickness (diameter approx. 15 mm), spheroid, regular, persistent navel; Pruinous peel, blue-violet color with regular color distribution, slim, consistent; Soft and juicy pulp; Colorless juice, neutral flavor; Short pedicel, green; Evident, verdant, reddish green; Short brush, violet; Separation of the pedicle from the easy acina.
Characteristics of the wine obtained from this grape variety The wine you get is usually a ruby ​​red wine, with a typically spicy odor, savory, fresh enough and alcoholic.
Notes Resistance to diseases: discreet (it is a little sensitive to rotting).

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