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Since ancient times, the Andalusia, a land of rather varied climatic conditions, has always stood out for its its wine vocation: here the winemaker's experience was opposed to a particular soil typology and climate for winemaking. In fact, this territory is mostly clayey, characterized by thermal excursions but nevertheless historical sources place it as one of the very first European territories dedicated to the production of wine. The Andalusian wines are particularly known for the fermentation method defined as "flor", of which wines such as the Manzanilla or the Fino with an intense flavor, strong, but with a vague almond flavor. It is the wine that best represents the culture and the Andalusian gastronomy. Also the zone of Malaga is the Andalusian land of wine par excellence so much that in recent years in addition to the recognition of Dop area, it is experiencing a process of modernization and innovation also of a lot of foreign winemakers. In fact, just here they decided to tackle their adventure with native vines and sometimes choose to cooperate with historical cellars of the place to bring back on the market old varieties Malaga. Main characteristics of Andalusian wines, it is the rather high alcohol content and the sweet type which makes them famous: in this land there are well 7 protected designations of origin (DOP) reminiscent of the respective areas of production of important wines such as the Wine Naranja del Condado de Huelva and the Jerez also called Xérès or Sherry, the Pedro Ximenez, or the Montilla Moriles ... With the brand Igp, instead, also red table wines, rosèe or white once little known, are in recent years reaching success thanks to the interest touristic of the production areas.
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