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Monsupello Brut Rose'

Monsupello Brut Rose'

Fronte Monsupello Brut Rose'
Back Retro Monsupello Brut Rose'
0,75 l  -  13,50% in vol.
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€ 17,30
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Ordina entro 21 ore e 32 min per riceverlo giovedì 22 novembre 2018 in United Kingdom.
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06 - 08°C.
05 - 10 anni
Nome Monsupello Brut Rose'
Tipologia Rosato spumante metodo classico brut
Formato 0,75 l Standard
Regione Lombardy
Vitigni 10% Chardonnay, 90% Pinot Nero
Ubicazione Brescia. First range of hills of the municipalities of Torricella Verzate and Oliva Gessi. Exposure: South-East
Composizione del terreno Lime-clay
Sistema di allevamento The Guyot pruning is done from the end of November, maintaining a ratio of 8-9 buds per vine. Since May, the Suckering spollonatura and removes superfluous buds and tied the major ones, they are basic operations for maintaining a good balance of plant growth and productivity, especially for young vines. In early August, after veraison, it runs a slight thinning out of production to deliver the best shoots on the vine closest to the strain and avoid creating jumble of clusters (main cause of the attack of gray mold in wet years), the thinning of the bunches, which encourages better ripening of grapes, allows for a greater concentration of aromatic substances as well as improved health of the product.
N. piante per ettaro 4500 - For over 10 years engaged in the grassing of the vineyards to create a more balanced ratio crown-root of the vine and protect the beneficial insects to the vineyard, for the same reason used pesticides with low environmental impact and avoid the use of herbicides chemicals.
Resa per ettaro Q 90 - Average age of vines: 10 years
Vendemmia Second half of August
Temperatura di fermentazione In steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 18 ° C.
Tecnica di produzione After a period of aging in steel, is made Cuvée affected protein and tartaric stabilization and filtration, the "draft" is put in bottles along with a Champagne liqueur de tirage, which consists of wine, sugar and yeasts. The bottles, which are capped with crown caps bidule and steel are stacked in the cellar to re-ferment at a constant temperature of 14 ° C.
Vinificazione The pink wine begins with a brief period of cold, and stationing in an inert environment of grapes in the press for the extraction of the dye from the skins of Pinot Noir comes the soft pressing of grapes whole, leading to the separation of rosé grape pomace from, other than in the juice are separated (ie the first 50% of draining liquid pressing, more fruity, sour and end) from the must of the second pressing. The juice, clarified and racked after about a day, is fermented in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 18 ° C.
Affinamento The aging of post-fermentation on yeast lasts for a period ranging from 18 months. After the bottles on remuage pupitres, during the degorgement the bottle is uncorked a la glace, removed residue of yeast fermentation and the liqueur d'expédition is added and finally the champagne cork is sealed with a mushroom, and prepared for sale.
Grado alcolico 13,50% in volume
Acidità totale 7,60 gr/L
PH 3,00
Zuccheri residui 11,00 gr/L
Estratto secco 30,00 gr/L
In offerta Prezzo Monsupello Brut Rose' € 17,30  IVA inc.


Da questa cantina:
The farm Monsupello was born more than a century ago, in 1893, when the family Boatti in Cà del Tava of the town of Oliva Gessi already dedicated to the care of their vineyards. In 1914 Boatti bought, few kilometers away, another found called "Podere...
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