We are in Trentino on top of a hill 350 meters above sea level, 3 km from Rovereto, in a farm to cultivate wine highly specialized area of 10 hectare fully fenced and merged.
It is accessible alongside a row of cypress trees leads to a small castle features a tower of 1500, a business center enhanced by a fully underground basement and local halls capable of reception and tasting in the rustic and rural.
The vineyard, which lies in a panoramic position on Vallagarina, offers the visitor a pleasant look of the design of a rigorous geometric alignments and fringed with plots of each of which hosts distinguish the different varieties high nobility worked as a still wine from Chardonnay and method Traditional classic Brut sparkling wine, an aristocratic SAUVIGNON then move on to the red grape varieties such as Merlot, Lagrein, Cabernet Sauvignon aged and aged in oak barrels. The winery, typically buried in the vineyard is entrusted to the attention of Nicola Balter who collaborates with Paul dell'enotecnico Inama. They will be to welcome guests and guide them in the vineyard and the cellar.

Information about Balter

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    Via Vallunga II, 24 - Rovereto (TN)
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    Paolo Inama
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