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Prié Rouge- Premetta

Prié Rouge- Premetta

Information about Prié Rouge- Premetta

Grape variety Prié Rouge- Premetta
Synonyms Prumetta, Neblù.
Grape color Red grape
Initial spread Autochthon
Vigor Excellent
Ripening period October 15
Productivity Good
Growing areas Valle d'Aosta
History The Prié rouge vine is an autochthonous Valdostan known also as Primate. It is believed to originate from a mutation of the Prié blanc.
Features ampelographic Leaf: medium to large, pentagonal, whole, sometimes trilobata, with upper and lower surface glabrous, dark green and shiny, with regular, moderately pronounced and rounded teeth, petiole breast U. Bunch: large, pyramidal and winged, with medium compactness, medium-sized herbaceous peduncle. Acino: medium to large, ovoid shape, with persistent and prominent navel, with very pruinous and medium tender skin, of rosé, sometimes violet color; Lime floss, very juicy, of simple flavor.
Features wine Red wine with a rose color, intense and particular scent. Tannic and quite alcoholic.
Notes Resistance to parasites and other adversities: several authors point it to it as a vine particularly resistant to winter cold.
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Producer Cave des Onze Communes
Wine type Red still
Region: Aosta Valley
Grapes: Vien de nus, 75% Petit Rouge, Prié Rouge- Premetta, Cornallin
Alcohol: 13.50% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
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