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Vendita vini vicara Visconti Cassinis Ravizza is today in Monferrato a consolidated reality getting its roots in the viticultural experience of this land.

Diego Visconti, Carlo Cassinis and Domenico Ravizza, although coming from very different family traditions and bound to this land in very different ways, created with Vicara a new viticultural adventure, joining their experience and their Ozzano, Salabue and Rosignano Monferrato farms' potentialities.

At this moment Vicara's land is getting larger from the initial 35 hectares spread over the extremely suited territory of five different villages: Salabue, Serralunga di Crea, Ozzano, Treville e Rosignano Monferrato, in the wonderful frame of the vined hills between the Po river and the plain of Alessandria.

There are three geologically diversifications: Bricco Uccelletta, Carcanara and Vadmon causing the plant of the more suitable vine for the development of the most of potentiality to produce the highest quality wine.

The vineyards age varies from 7 to 60 years and the growing technique is the traditional Guyot with very short pruning and decreased output because of the thinning obtained by a green pruning during August.

Spontaneous vegetation underneath is maintained to ensure a natural eosystem that will help to control the use of chemicals and bring the grapes to a natural maturation.

In fact, Vicara has a many years long experience because of its leadership in the European Community in the integrated defense of the vineyard.

The handly harvest in the highest moment of the maturation, repeated as many times as necessary in every single vineyard, the wine-pressing realized only after the selection of the harvest by adjustable engines respecting every variety's peculiarities, and the always temperature controlled fermentation assure a perfect wine-making and the most fruited and intense bouquet.
Domenico Ravizza

After the wine-making, realized with a wise mix of agricultural tradition and modern technology in Rosignano Monferrato, Cascina Madonna, and the passage in "carati di spacco" or in oak barrels for the aging in the Castle of Salabue, our wines are bottled and, after a little resting period, they are ready to travel all over the world to reach restaurants and winery.

The Vicara Farm Visconti Cassinis Ravizza is always evolving and increasing the quality of its own wines, mostly known for the classical Barbera, freisa and Grignolino of Monferrato, but surely important also for the modern white Airales of Monferrato and for a little production of Grignolino aged in "carati".

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Rosignano Monferrato (AL)
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Domenico Ravizza e Mario Ronco

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