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Vendita vini meroi Meroi The winery was founded in 1920 and, since then, incessantly, thanks to the passion and dedication of winemakers was always able to offer its clients, new and affectionate, wines of excellent quality and prestige, capable of telling the territory Friuli, its history and the work of its people lands.
The grapes grown by the prestigious winery are all valuable and renowned grapes, also recognized abroad for the priceless quality of the wines produced by their winemaking. The Meroi cellar raises grapes destined to the production of red wines such as Merlot grape, vine Cabernet Franc and the precious Refosco, a native of Friuli.
For white wines the grapes grown are varied, but all characterized by high quality and renowned also internationally. We find grapes of Ribolla, Friulian for excellence, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio grapes, Picolit grapes, as well as the grape variety Friulano and Chardonnay; all grown on predominantly marl soils, as dictated by local tradition.
The farming techniques used are those of the French Guyot especially suitable for grapes of francophone origin, but also to those adattabilissimo Italian. The soils are placed at a height above sea level of between 100 and 140 meters, ideal to get the right balance between air purity, salinity and alkalinity of the soil and moisture in it included.

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Friaul - Julisch-Venetien
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Via Stretta, 7, 33042 Buttrio (UD)
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Produttore Meroi
Tipologia Rosso fermo
Regione: Friaul - Julisch-Venetien
Vitigni: 100% Merlot
Alcol: 14,00% in volume
Formato: 0,75 l Standard
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€ 56,73
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