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Gurra di Mare

Gurra di Mare

gurra di mare weine kaufen Near Porto Palo, the ancient port of Selinunte, one of the richest areas in the history of Sicily and naturalistic glimpses of rare beauty, next to the nature reserve of the mouth of the Belice river, between tamarisks, rushes and prickly horned poppies . And 'here, with the vineyard which extends down to the beach, which was founded Gurra di Mare, the new company Domini Castellare di Castellina.
A new company that combines the other Sicilian winery group, Feudi del Pisciotto, found, however, between Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone. The palm tree is the symbol of the new company, because so ingrained, so important in the history of Sicily, but now so fragile under the attacks of red punch. For this part of the proceeds of the sale of the wines of Gurra di Mare will go towards research to define a protocol for action against red weevil that has deeply undermined the Sicilian landscape, exterminating exterminating thousands of palm trees.
Gurra is the local name that refers to a small stream that flows into the sea and is one of the elements that characterize the landscape of this area of ​​Sicily. The very origin of Gurra name, which some refer to the greek, other Arabic, testifies of how you are in a land that in the course of its history has been the meeting place of different worlds and cultures.

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Gurra di Mare
Contrada Pisciotto - Niscemi (Caltanissetta)

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Produzent Gurra di Mare
Weinsorte Weiß ruhig
Region: Sizilien
Rebsorte: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Viognier
Alkohol: 13,00% Volumen
Format: 0,75 l Standard
Preis € 15,20
Sparen € 1,78 (12%)
€ 13,42
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