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Domaine de la Noe

Domaine de la Noe

Vendita vini domaine de la noe About 1860 France underwent the great crisis of will phylloxera, which destroyed the near total of the vines. There was almost nothing any more to drink, a roof for a country like France!

Here, near the brook "Noë", some small holdings are on the point of receiving the first fondations of the Field which will bear its name

It is in 1878 that were planted by family Drouard the first vine stock of our Field - a few ares at the time.

Came 1936synonymous with obtaining the first paid-leaves for some and the first name Muscadet wine AOC for family Drouard.

In 1964sounded the changing, Paul, Fils of Lucien, marked a very significant turning for this Field. Developments in the mechanization and farming techniques made their appearances.

2000, mythical year, marked a new passage of the family torch: Jean-Paul, Laurent, Denis and Pascal, the four wire of Paul ensure from now on the changing.

Today, temperature of wine making is completely controlled. That makes it possible for example to control; the temperature of racking, fermentation and conservation.

Thus thanks to the new generation of presses, we can as well as possible preserve the flavours of our wines and express perfectly the characters of our various "vintages"

The traceability is of course ensured of the gathering the congestion, itself completely automated.

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Domaine de la Noe
Anno di avviamento
Château-Thébaud (France)

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Produttore Domaine de la Noe
Tipologia Bianco fermo
Regione: Loire
Vitigni: 100% Melon de Bourgogne
Alcol: 12,00% in volume
Formato: 0,75 l Standard
Caratteristiche Speciali:
€ 12,08
Prezzo IVA inc.
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