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Tennessee is one of the United States located in the southeastern area of North America. The state is characterized by the fertility of its land, fueled by the proximity of the Mississippi and the Tennessee River that crosses the country far and wide. The territory of Tennessee is varied, the eastern area is predominantly mountainous, the central one is flat, while the western part of the country is characterized by the numerous valleys meandering by different rivers and streams. The nation is characterized by a temperate and warm climate, the rains are consistent throughout the year, the land is always well drained even in the driest periods of the year and enjoy pleasant temperatures. The area is known for the whiskey production like the famous Jack Daniel's made with the ancient and consolidated Sour Mash technique. Raw materials such as corn, malted barley and rye, which make up the distillate, are collected in the neighboring areas, as well as the water coming from the springs, which collects all the flavors of the homeland. Its particularity lies in the process of filtration in vegetable coals, which enrich the taste of the final product. Another popular whiskey is the Bulleit Bourbon also made with the well-known Sour Mash technique. The distillate is aged in white oak barrels for over six years, before being bottled. The vapors produced during the initial phase, are collected and condensed to increase the flavor and strong taste that outlines these delicious whiskey.

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Information about Tennessee

United States of America
The territory belonged politically to the French Louisiana, until from 1763 it became part of the lands managed by the English, who in fact acquired it from the "Six Indian Nations" in 1768. In the seventies of the eighteenth century there was a strong settler immigration organized by the "Watanga" Association ". In 1776 with independence it was annexed by North Carolina (Washington District). In 1790 it was established as a territory south of the Ohio River with the capital Knoxville and on June 1, 1796 it entered the Union of the United States of America as the sixteenth state.
Typical products
Water for the production of American Bourbon comes from the sedimentary calcareous subsoil (which gives mineral carbonates and calcium sulfate to water) that crosses western Pennsylvania with offshoots in Maryland and Indiana to reach up to Kentucky and Illinois; according to the local inhabitants this is the best water in the world. The first US grain distillate dates back to 1640 and was produced on State Island, the island that protects the port of New York; William Kieft was the author. The difference in raw material between bourbon and whiskey depends solely on the fact that, while barley was grown in Scotland, rye was grown in the United States, imported from Germany. Among the whiskeys produced in the States, we recall the Rye Whiskey, which contains at least 51% of rye, ages in new barrels of charred oak and is recognized for the typical mentholic bitter note. If then the product has not been stretched with pure alcohol and has rested in wood at least two years, it can boast the name of Straight Rye Whiskey.

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Producer Jack Daniel's
Spirit type Tennessee Whiskey
Region: Tennessee
Made from
Alcohol: 40.00% by volume
Size: 1 l
Special Features:
€ 30.26
Price ex VAT
Not available in United States of America
Producer Bulleit
Spirit type Bourbon Straight Whisky
Region: Tennessee
Made from
Alcohol: 45.00% by volume
Size: 0,70 l
Special Features:
€ 26.40
Price ex VAT
Out of stock
Not available in United States of America
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