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Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's

jack daniel's tennessee whiskey for sale Known throughout the world as a symbol of Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniel's distillery is based in Lynchburg, Moore County, a small town that, while hosting one of the world's most famous distilleries, is part of those American 'dry cities' Where the sale of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden. The history of the distillery is originally tied to that of its founder, Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel, born in 1850 by British immigrants and started, as a child, into the art of distillation by a Lutheran Shepherd. Jack is not 16 years old when he becomes the owner of the first distillery and, starting with a corn, rye and barley base, signs his first bottles of bourbon. Jack soon becomes an 'enfant prodige' thanks to the invention of a new and ingenious production system that today is the basis for the difference between Tennessee whiskey and all other American whiskeys.

Applying the traditional sour mash system (consisting of the presence of a must rich in live yeasts in the bottom of the fermentation can), Jack introduces a novelty at the end of the production process: the final distillate filtration through hard maple coal , An operation that makes the product softer and free from burrs even before aging in barrels. At his death in 1911 due to a gangrene due to Jack's kick to a safe that he did not remember the combination, the distillery, which has already received important awards, passes into the hands of his nephew leading her until the postwar period. The Brown-Forman group, which started production on an industrial scale, was acquired in the 1950s: the original alambic is replaced by a series of column distillers, the best cereals are imported from different regions of the USA, yeasts Are selected and produced by the company, new water sources are exploited. Today, the company is considered a legend of bourbon and annual production reached 72 million liters.

Jack Daniel's world-wide success is due not only to an intense and extraordinary marketing operation (initiated by its founder) but above all to the intrinsic qualities of the product distillate, which still place it today in the hit parade of the best bourbon. Along with the most famous and commercialized bottle, the black box label, Jack Daniel's also prints the most sought after labels, featuring the best features of the famous brand.

Featuring rich, fresh flavors, a soft and balanced flavor and a harmonious and slightly tannic persistence, this Tennessee whiskey is a must-have distillate, to be enjoyed in all its different expressions.

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Jack Daniel's
Start year
LynchBurg - Tennessee (USA)

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Producer Jack Daniel's
Spirit type Tennessee Whiskey
Region: Tennessee
Made from
Alcohol: 40.00% by volume
Size: 1 l
Special Features:
€ 30.26
Price ex VAT
Not available in United States of America
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