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Crossing over time highs and lows, wine production in Portugal has always been very generous. Among the areas of the country, the Setubal Peninsula, located south of Lisbon, today presents a large number of wineries and wineries, the oldest of which was founded in first half of the 1800s.
The Setubal district, in addition to the large town and the neighboring towns, includes notable natural elements: from the estuaries of the rivers Tago and Sado to the heights of the Serra da Arrábida, to the enchanting beaches, it offers a territory rich in wide flat areas where a vast quantity of vineyards is developed. Besides the variety of the territory, it is also the peculiarity of the climate that influences the cultivation of the grapes: typically Mediterranean but also influenced by the currents of the Atlantic Ocean, the climate presents a high degree of humidity in winter and a considerable dryness during the summer, proving to be particularly favorable to viticulture. The richness of the Setubal grapesis then emphasized by the generosity of the sandy, calcareous and clayey soil.
The area is one of the more than 30 DOC wines of Portugal and its most famous wine is called Moscatel de Setubal: made with muscat grapes, it acquires its liqueur-like taste thanks to the fermentation enriched with aguardente, to the maceration of the skins and to the slow aging made in old and small oak barrels. Just Muscat is the main vine of this area and its processing is the basis of the production of young and fresh wines or, if grown older, longer and darker and intensely flavored.

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South of Lisbon we find the Setúbal peninsula where we produce above all the sweet or sweet wine Moscatel de Setúbal, the only wine of the district that has the duty to the DOC denomination. On the slopes of the Arrábidas mountain, with calcareous clay soils, a particularly aromatic vine is grown called Moscatel de Setúbal (Muscat of Alexandria). Moscatel de Setúbal is produced in a very special way. After stopping the fermentation, with the addition of pure alcohol, add other grapes pressed directly into the barrels, thus giving the wine a fresh taste of muscat that remains in the wine even after a long aging in wood. Wines are produced in many different styles, for example one of six years (often vintage), one of twenty years (usually without vintage) and one of fifty, called Setúbal Apoteca. The more the wine ages, the more complex it becomes, with rich tones of apricot, withered grapes and nocelle. This wine was created by Josè Maria da Fonseca, and still today, Fonseca is the biggest producer in the area. In Palmela, north-west of the Setúbal DOC area, large quantities of rich, structured red wines are produced, which have so far only achieved IPR status. The most cultivated grape is Perequita, which became famous thanks to the work of Fonseca. Other manufacturer are J.P. Vinhos, Quinta da Bacalhôa and the Santo Isidro de Pegões cover.
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The Portuguese cuisine is very rich and varied and every area of ​​the country has its typical dish. Being on the Atlantic coast leads to specializing above all in gastronomic products that the sea offers. Although, in a typical Portuguese menu you can not miss a very important dish: soup. The most typical soup is the "green heat", a green colored soup born in the Minho region. To be appreciated also the "cozido à portuguesa", the national dish, similar to the Irish "beef and cabbage".
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Grapes: 100% Moscato Giallo
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