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Terlano Lagrein 2017

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0,75 l  -  13.50% by vol.
Lagrein is undoubtedly one of the top vines of Alto Adige, and is proving a lot of interest mainly thanks to its fruity taste, enriched by aromatic notes and its soft tannins. This autochthonous vine originates from the Bolzano basin, but has been cultivated and vinified in Terlan for several decades.
Dark garnet red
In the bouquet the intense fruity notes of bream (marsh mortar) and morello cherry predominate, enriched by a floral scent of lilac and cooked laurel. There are also hints of flint and a delicate chocolate tone.
Very vinous and harmonious on the palate, with a delicate texture and a refined tannin that gives Lagrein a very captivating fullness, making it a very full and velvety wine on the palate.
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Serving temperature:
16 - 18°C.
05 - 10 years
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Name Terlano Lagrein 2017
Wine type Red still
Year 2017
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Trentino Alto Adige
Grapes 100% Lagrein
Location Altitude: 250 - 900 m s. the. m. Slope: 5 - 70% Orientation: South - Southwest.
Climate The soaring spiers of the Alps protect South Tyrol from the coldest Atlantic currents coming from the North, while towards the South the territory opens up to Mediterranean influences. These orographic features mean that the temperature range between day and night is very marked, favoring an elegant ripening of the grapes. Also on the southern side, several mountain ranges, such as the Adamello group, perform a climate screen function, and this is why the annual rainfall is only a third of those recorded in the southern Prealps, while the solar irradiation is higher . These climatic peculiarities are very similar to other European wine regions, such as the Valais in Switzerland. On each of the three hundred sunny days of the year, when the first rays sprout behind the mountains to the east of Terlano, the sun is already high on the horizon, since all our vineyards are oriented towards the South and Southwest. The low density of the atmosphere causes the direct solar irradiation to be more intense, while the diffuse irradiation is less, and this factor accentuates the differences between the sunny slopes and those in the shade. The microclimate of Terlano Continental climate (Cfa according to the classification of Köppen-Geiger) Hours of sunshine: ø 2135 / year Maximum temperature: 38.2 ° C Average temperature: 12.9 ° C Minimum temperature: -10.7 ° C Precipitation : ø 558 mm / year Overall average irradiance: 150.1 W / m² Winds: - Föhn from the north: fresh and dry katabatic wind - Ora del Garda: downwind from the south, air sucked into the alpine valleys from the Po Valley
Composition of the land Despite being one of the smallest of the Italian wine-growing areas, Alto Adige is one of the most varied thanks to its geographical position along the hinge between the Alpine chain and the Mediterranean. Today's wine landscape is the fruit of countless generations of winemakers who have shaped the territory, cultivating the vine in the most diverse climatic zones, from 200 to 1,000 meters of altitude. The wines that come out stand out for their character, authentic and unique, with a clear prevalence of whites: 60 percent of the vineyard area, in fact, is grown white grapes, 40 percent red grapes. Among the white wines are produced mainly Pinot bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, which together with the Pinot Grigio and the aromatic Traminer make Alto Adige one of the Italian areas most suited to the production of white wines. Red wines, on the other hand, range from autochthonous vines - Lagrein and Schiava - to classic international reds such as Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet. But besides the variety, Alto Adige boasts an enviable level of quality: 98 percent of the wines produced are classified as DOC, and in relation to the territory there is a very high number of noble and excellent wines.
Harvest We will remember the 2017 vintage for a long time due to its meteorological adversities. It started with a particularly dry winter which caused serious damage in some areas. A very mild spring resulted in the premature sprouting of the vines, which in some places was already observable at the end of March and progressed rapidly. The frosts in the night between 20 and 21 April have caused various damages in the vineyards located at low altitude. Sprouting was accompanied by an ideal time, which made one think of an early start of the harvest. During the summer months the vineyards have enjoyed many hours of sun and low rainfall. In August there were some strong storms. The harvest officially began on August 22nd with early vineyards. The sometimes unstable weather with repeated, light rains, forced us to stop the harvest and postpone the harvest. The harvest was therefore demanding and laborious. Overall, we can talk about a vintage with low / small quantities but with a good wine quality.
Vinification Harvest and selection of manual grapes. De-stemming of the berries and subsequent slow fermentation at controlled temperature, and delicate handling of the must in stainless steel tanks.
Aging Malolactic fermentation and aging for 7-10 months in large wooden barrels.
Alcohol 13.50% by volume
Total acidity 4.70 gr/L
Residual sugars 1.50 gr/L
Matching It goes well with beef rolls with mashed potatoes, or braised venison leg with blue cabbage, aged cheeses and mature parmesan.


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The tradition of Terlan, as a land of vine cultivation, dates back over 2000 years ago. The mild climate accompanies the ripening of the grapes giving it a different flavor. Essential for the development of the screws is the position of Terlano, loc...

Trentino Alto Adige

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