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Monyok Tokaji 4 Puttonyos 0.5L 2000

Monyok Tokaji 4 Puttonyos 0.5L 2000

Front Monyok Tokaji 4 Puttonyos 0.5L 2000
Back Back Monyok Tokaji 4 Puttonyos 0.5L 2000
0,50 l  -  10.50% by vol.
The recipe for aging dell'Aszu has not changed much in the last 400 years. The grapes affected by botrytis are collected manually one by one, after the beginning of the month of October for the Moscato, and at least mid-November for the Harslevelu and Furmint. These grains Aszu, hand-picked were traditionally placed in wooden baskets carried on their shoulders by the harvesters. These baskets are known with the name of puttony. A
puttony theoretically contains 25 kg of grains Aszu. To extract the sugars and flavors from these seeds dry and hard to Aszu you must make a maceration. The grains of Aszu are placed in vats with the fresh must, grape must in fermentation, or dry wine, all in function of the type of style of wine that is desired. The Aszu is subsequently
pressed after a time of maceration which lasts 12 to 48 hours. Traditionally puttonyos of Aszu were added to the quantity of wine that could contain a barrique "Gönci", that is to say 136 l. As a result there are more puttonyos sweeter the Aszu.
-3 Puttonyos Aszu: 75 kg of grapes Aszu in 136 liters of base wine
-4 Puttonyos Aszu: 100 kg of grapes Aszu in 136 liters of base wine
-5 Puttonyos Aszu: 125 kg of grapes Aszu in 136 liters of base wine
-6 Puttonyos Aszu: 150 kg of grapes Aszu in 136 liters of base wine
To date, the proportion of the berries Aszu and the base wine has remained the same
The residual sugar content is now defined as follows:
3 puttonyos 60-90 g / l
4 puttonyos 90-120 g / l
5 puttonyos 120-150 g / l
6 puttonyos 150-180 g / l
Azu Esszencia 180 or more g / l
Today the Tokaj Aszu make a minimum of two years in oak barrels and 1 in bottle, this regardless of the number of puttonyos.
The law obliges today that the base wine or must be of the same year the grains attacked by noble rot.
Antique gold yellow.
Vegetable and fruity hints including grapefruit, white peach and lime. In the mouth it spreads well on moderately sweet fruity flavors and a splash of citrus.
The mineral note traces the sip and supports the acidity well.
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Serving temperature:
10 - 12°C.
Decanting time:
2 hours
15 - 25 years
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Name Monyok Tokaji 4 Puttonyos 0.5L 2000
Wine type White sweet from grapes with noble rot sweet
Year 2000
Format 0,50 l
Region Tokaj-Hegyalja
Grapes Moscato Giallo, Furmint, Harslevelu
Location Tokaj-Hegyalja (Hungary)
Alcohol 10.50% by volume
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From this winery:
Historical winery located in the city of Mad (Tokaj-Hegyalja northeastern Hungary) that produces the oldest botrytis wine: Tokaj. The cellars of the 17th century are long 450 meters in length and are located at 8-12m depth with a constant humidity of...


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