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La Grazia Spumante Metodo Classico Brut

La Grazia Spumante Metodo Classico Brut

Front La Grazia Spumante Metodo Classico Brut
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0,75 l  -  12.50% by vol.
La Grazia Azienda Agricola
This wine is the wonderful crowning achievement of a great love story. The idea of a man, with the dream of wine since ever, who, for the twentieth anniversary of his marriage to his wife, decided to name a wine cellar after her and to give her a bottle of those bubbles, so much appreciated by her, of which unfortunately there was no trace in Valtellina. The harmonious mix of grapes within this Metodo Classico was born from a union between: Pinot Bianco, a newcomer to the Valtellina panorama, and Rossola and Pignola, red grapes that have always been present in the territory but this time vinified in white. Rossola and Pignola as native and secular grapes, with strong roots, give the possibility to a fresh Pinot Bianco to express itself in a new, wonderful and unique way. It may be destiny but this combination seems to recall a family with mum and dad (Rossola and Pignola) who support and support their children (Pinot Bianco) all their lives. There is no family without a love story and there is no love story without dreams to achieve.
A pale golden yellow with brilliant greenish notes.
Wide floral range, enhanced by the elegant development of the insistent perlage. This is followed by a delicate hint of aromatic herbs, breadcrumbs and a hint of vanilla.
On the palate, it opens in pleasant softness immediately accompanied by freshness and inviting sapidity. Integrates the olfactory sensation with a hint of citrus. Balanced and interesting.
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Serving temperature:
06 - 08°C.
05 - 10 years
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Name La Grazia Spumante Metodo Classico Brut
Wine type White sparkling classic method brut
Classification VSQ
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Lombardy
Grapes Pinot Bianco, Pignola Valtellinese, Rossola Nera
Location Tirano (SO)
Vinification The basic musts of the cuvée are fermented separately in small stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, in a range between 15 ° C and 18 ° C. They are then aged, until the spring following the harvest, in the presence of the slight veiling created by the cells of the yeast (fine lees) that originated them. In June, they are blended according to the proportions established in the prior selection of samples from the various sampling tests at different percentages. This is followed by the draught in the bottle, in the presence of yeast and sugar syrup, for the slow intake of foam according to the laborious meticulousness of the Classic Method. For 90 - 120 days the yeast gradually transforms the sugar into alcohol and CO2 until it reaches a pressure of 5 - 6 atm, creating the subtle foam that characterizes the product. Translated with
Aging It is then left to mature in a dark room at a constant temperature for another 12 months so that the fine froth is founded in persuasive harmony with the original scents of the cuvée and with the toasted notes created by the refermentation yeast.
Alcohol 12.50% by volume
Matching Excellent as an aperitif. It is the perfect complement to crustaceans, molluscs and appetizers of raw vegetables.
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La Grazia Azienda Agricola

The farm "La Grazia" is a project born from the Oberti family that, having moved to Valtellina from Bergamo, in 1919 started a new commercial activity in the agricultural field by setting up Oberti S.r.l. operating in the sale of flours, cereals, gra...


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