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Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2002

Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2002

Front Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2002
Back Back Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2002
0,375 l  -  12.50% by vol.
You can not say that the Avignonesi Vin Santo is a thing apart, for every Vin Santo is a thing apart. Instead you can say that each has its vinsantaia Vin Santo. And you can even say that each keg has its Vin Santo. Different color, the aromatic, density, texture, shades of sweet, acidic backbone. And each in its own way, but in an unmistakable way, it tastes of Tuscany.
The nose alternates a considerable wealth of sensations ranging from grapes go to the candied fruit and hints of minerals from the tobacco
The mouth is full and balanced with acidity that balances the residual sugar and gives a long, elegant finish.
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12 - 14°C.
15 - 25 years
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Name Avignonesi Vin Santo 0.375L 2002
Wine type White sweet from withered grapes sweet
Year 2002
Format 0,375 l
Region Tuscany
Grapes Grechetto, Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia
History You can not produce great wines, unless you start with great grapes. Little to produce and less strain per hectare, in vineyards well made, well-exposed, well-ventilated and well grown, is sacrosanct rule. Applies to all wine and especially for the Vin Santo. The varietal aromas are not found in Vin Santo finished. It 'so difficult to classify the most suitable varieties. In general it can be said to be preferred varieties that produce grapes suitable for withering, and ripe, with tough skin and sparse clusters. Here we use two main white grape varieties: Malvasia Toscana and a Greek, we said with colorful term "flea in the ass", for presenting a clear black dot at the bottom of the berry. Our experience teaches us that even in a well-cultivated vineyards, the percentage of grapes suitable for the production of Vin Santo rarely exceeds twenty percent
Location A few kilometers from Montepulciano, close to Valian, in the hills of the Chiana Valley closed, stands the nineteenth-century Le Capezzine. Impeccably restored, is the heart of the company and contains spacious cellars for vinification, cellars for aging, vinsantaia, crusher, storage rooms, warehouses and offices. The main building is intended to lodge. The estate comprises 19 hectares of which 7 are vineyards (Blackthorn Gentile) as follows: 6 of vineyard and a sapling to settonce "pattern dedicated to testing the density ranging from 2,000 to 8,500 vines per hectare with six different rootstocks, in order 4 are are dedicated to growing native grapes of Montepulciano and the surrounding area.
Production technique After harvesting the grapes are brought nell'appassitoio to be lying in a single layer and not too thick reeds arranged on several floors above and supported by wooden castles. The drying process lasts six months, during which the grapes are never touched for any reason. The only alternative to the traditional techniques, certainly an improvement, is currently pressing, with the use of pneumatic presses, which have replaced the old screw presses. The amount of juice you get is never more than fifteen percent of fresh and contains a high percentage of sugar (55-60 percent).
Vinification After about two months, after the natural settling, the must is put in kegs, oak casks usually about 50 liters. The barrels are not to be missed, as the barrel. They last until they show defects in perfume and as long as they can keep. These are filled only nine-tenths of their volume, with mother and forty two liters of wine. The mother is a kind of sediment that is dark and dense, well separated from the Vin Santo, the bottoms of barrels, and that contains families of enzymes specialized to live and multiply in a medium so rich in sugar.
Aging Ageing: in oak barrels for 10 years. Bottle aging: 6 months.
Alcohol 12.50% by volume
Matching Meditation wine, exclusive to food pairings, and you should serve it in small quantities, but in large glasses.
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From this winery:
When in 1377 Gregory XI moved the papal seat from Avignon to Rome, some French families followed him in Italy, one of them, probably for simplicity, began to be called "Avignonesi". Avignonesi consists of four wine-producing estates: Le Capezzine, I...
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