Solaria (Patrizia Cencioni)
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Solaria (Patrizia Cencioni)

Wine originates from the vine and grows in the cellar, two crucial phases of wine production that require dedication and professionality. But it is the heat of the sun, well before the skill of the vine-grower, that gives the grapes their character, ripens them and enhances their characteristics.
These are the elements on which the Solaria farm of Montalcino has focussed.
Solaria’a vineyards are located on a natural plateau on the sloping south-east side of a Montalcino hill where, from dawn to dusk, the vines are ideally exposed to the heat of the sun.

Information about Solaria (Patrizia Cencioni)

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    Solaria (Patrizia Cencioni)
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    Montalcino (SI)
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  • Percentage of grapes purchased
    Only proprietary grapes.

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