San Leonardo

San Leonardo

Vendita vini san leonardo The history of these places given at least fifteen hundred years, the age when a group of prisoners Trentino Lombard duchy, returned home thanks to the intercession of Queen Teodolinda and Bishop Lamb, after a period spent in prison in France following French army raids, decided to pay homage to the patron saint of prisoners, San Leonardo, innalzandogli a temple. The earliest records date back to the estate, however, the year 900 AD, when the bishop of Verona Nokterio granted in usufruct to the Bishop of Trent some land he owned in Val Lagarina, woods, meadows and vineyards located in the site Sarnis. They were, however, three centuries later, the Friars Crociferi (an order widespread in Europe, which remained at San Leonardo up to 1656) to increase and a modern approach to the cultivation of the vine in their monastery (which is still clearly visible the 'Romanesque apse with hanging arches outside and inside the remains of frescoes), while the ancient hospice, where they found shelter the destitute, is now quiet "retreat" of the barrels of our vini.Nel centuries the estate has was the scene of many historic events. The legend tells that here the queen Teodolinda became the wife of King of the Lombards Autari, January 21, 1549 while Prince Philip, son of Emperor Charles V, directed to the Diet in Regensburg was received by Prince Bishop of Trento and Lord of the Four Vicariates Christopher Madruzzo. In more recent times, the wine of the farm I came to cheer the guests of the table of Christopher Migazzi Viennese cardinal, who became Archbishop of Vienna in 1757 and a descendant of the dynasty of the accounts Migazzi become responsible for the estate. During the two world wars it housed San Leonardo First Command of the XXIX Army Corps Italian. It was here that Austria formulated the request for an armistice. During the Second World War was the seat of San Leonardo section of the German High Command's Counterintelligence on the front italiano.La Guerrieri Gonzaga family, became the owner of the female line by descent of the estate in 1784 and then to direct line to the beginning of this century, is proud now to be responsible for a possession of such ancient traditions. An ancient feud between the legend and history, for more than a millennium learned to respect, protect and enhance the agricultural vocation of this small corner of the fertile valley Lagarina and his healthy habit of producing good wine, which enliven the past the tables of cardinals, emperors, princes and soldiers, and today the good lovers all over the world, thus making it more pleasant encounters and memories.

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Trentino Alto Adige
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San Leonardo
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Produttore San Leonardo
Tipologia Rosso fermo
Regione: Trentino Alto Adige
Vitigni: 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, 30% Carmènere
Alcol: 13,00% in volume
Formato: 0,75 l Standard
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€ 50,02
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