Fattoria Paradiso
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Fattoria Paradiso

Fattoria Paradiso, already "Castello Ugarte Lovatelli", stands on a hill alongside the solar medieval Bertinoro.
 Ancient documents it received indicating the origin in the fifteenth century, although it can not be excluded the Roman era. The location of the hillock overlooking the Via Emilia, in fact, along with vestiges of the time returned from the land that now houses the "Vigna Molino", lead us to consider them a strategic point of observation of baggage in transit on Consular and home to the country villas of 'era.

Villa and adjoining land, owned by the Countess Gabriella Ugarte Lovatelli, last heir to the noble family, were bought by the family pieces, in the late nineteenth century °. The ancient residence is linked to the birth of Marco Palmezzano, disciple of Melozzo da Forli. This is confirmed by the initials of the master "MP" engraved on the pediment of the monumental stone fireplace can reserve the Paradise Farm to its distinguished guests. We like to remember among others the sculptor Giacomo MANZU ', the US ambassador Dina LIGHT, artists Vittorio Gassman, Ugo Tognazzi, Gino BRAMIERI, Walter Chiari and Ave Ninchi, the GREEN Julien writer, the Nobel prize Dario FO', the writer and poet Antony BURGES, the American actor Danny KEY, the Russian astronaut Valentina Tereskova, and the American Karhin THORTON and countless in art, culture, theater, cinema, politics.

These appearances and frequent succession of circles, round tables, conferences, concerts and demonstrations of different cultures, that the pieces have always elegantly housed in the great distinction and capacity environments, have made meritorious Fattoria Paradiso title of "cultural Parlor Romagna ".

family tradition
 The path taken by Mario Pezzi and his wife Rina Ubalda, walking alongside them Graziella and nephew Jacopo. Three generations in harmony, in advance of the vineyards toward the cloudless millennium. This is the Farm Paradise, where the ancient agricultural philosophy is flanked by modern, targeted appropriately tested technologies; where the quality of production has always enjoyed the privilege of choral pieces, tied to the ideal parallel between culture and wine culture. An adage collected by the register of visitors to the page, reads "The sun and the air and the earth would not be enough to give a good wine, if there were no men, in Romagna, that the product with their art shape of this ground up to make it unique. "

Mario Pezzi, teacher and poet of the vineyard is considered the architect of the wine wake of this land.

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    Fattoria Paradiso
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    Via Palmeggiana, 285 - Bertinoro (FC)
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    Jacopo Melia
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    Organic farming.

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