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Cavalchina is the name of the district where the winery is located, probably after the residence of the Conte Cavalchini. It is on the southeast border of the Garda amphitheatre dating from the end of the Ice Age.

The Azienda Agricola Cavalchina was created in the early 1900s with the purchase of the first vineyards. Later the cellar was built and originally included a distillery, which was in use until 1967. By the 1960s the Piona family felt that the white wines of Custoza deserved better recognition than simply being labelled as Soave. From 1962 they were the first producers to label their white wines made from Fernanda, Trebbiano and Garganega with the Custoza name and to promote the name in key markets around Italy such as Rome and Milan.

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    Via Sommacampagna, 7 - Custoza - Sommacampagna (VR)
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    Luciano Piona
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