Bruno Gobillard

Bruno Gobillard

The Gobillards have been growers since the 1700s, and Paul Gobillard, Bruno’s great-great grandfather, bottled their first Champagne under their own label in 1858. Today they own a little over 17 acres in the villages around Epernay, scattered over 27 different parcels in the villages of Moussy, Pierry, Epernay, Cramant, Chatillon sur Marne, and la Chapelle Monaudon. Bruno Gobillard took over in 1994, and has quickly risen to cult status among Champagne lovers everywhere.

He continues to use the old-school vertical wooden press; the wines get a minimum of 4 years on the lees prior to disgorgement.

Information about Bruno Gobillard

  • Name
    Bruno Gobillard
  • Region:
  • Start year
  • Address
    Epernay (France)
  • Hectares

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