Fontanafredda Barolo Chinato 0.5L
Fontanafredda Barolo Chinato 0.5L

Fontanafredda, 0,50 l - 16,50%
100% Nebbiolo

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Piemont - Italien
Rotwein still



18 - 20°C.


1 Stunde


Über 25 Jahre


Fontanafredda Barolo Chinato 0.5L


At smell the aroma is very intense, complex.


Strong is the prevalence of china calissaja, which leaves clear hints of cinnamon and cloves (very present also to the taste), nutmeg and herbs.


The Barolo Chinato is mostly smooth in the end of the meal, as a meditation wine and great in combination with chocolate.



Name Fontanafredda Barolo Chinato 0.5L
Typ Rotwein still
Format 0,50 l
Alkoholgehalt 16,50% vol.
Rebsorten 100% Nebbiolo
Anbauregion Piemont
Standort Barolo's area of origin, which includes the territory of eleven towns located to the west of Alba.
Klima Medium and high hill vineyards (300-400 m. S.l.m.) of various exhibitions (with the exception of the north).
Bodenbeschaffenheit Vineyards planted on land of Miocene-Elvezian and tortonian land, characterized by limestone and marne.
Erziehungssystem Guyot
Stockdichte 4,500
Weinlese I-II decade of October.
Weinbereitung Vinification: The fermentation is of a traditional type, made in galvanized steel tin, with an average duration of 8-12 days at controlled temperature (30-31 ° C) and frequent replenishment. There is a stay of the must on the skins for a few days to optimize the extraction phase of the polyphenolic substances and to facilitate the start of the subsequent malolactic fermentation. Aromatization: Tradition - dated from the beginning of the 1800s - wanted to add Barolo's wine to an infusion of herbs and spices with a base of china calissaja, to increase its ability to withstand time and to propose it as a medicinal drink. More of twenty herbs and china are put together to macerate in alcohol subdivided into three groups depending on the aroma to be extracted.
Ausbau After about three months of maceration, the infusion is harvested and aged for six months in oak barrels to obtain the right harmony. After this period the extracts are added to the wine by combining alcohol and sugar. After a couple of months the wine is ready for bottling. Barolo chinato is a specialty ideal to conquer the palate of an increasingly demanding and refined consumer.
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
Speiseempfehlung The Barolo Chinato is mostly smooth in the end of the meal, as a meditation wine and great in combination with chocolate.
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