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Synonyme In Toscana è meglio nota come "Colombana bianca", "Colombana di Peccioli" o "S. Colombano". Nulla invece ha in comune con il "Verdiso" trevigiano, nè con la "Verdise" dei Colli Euganei (Padova), nè con il "Verdicchio" dell'Italia centrale e neppure con la "Verdeca" del Tarantino (Puglie), alle volte chiamata per errore "Verdea" (Del Gaudio e Nico, 1958). Nel grappolo ricorda invece lontanamente l'"Ansonica", con la quale tuttavia non dev'essere confusa, dato che questa varietà tra l'altro presenta le foglie glabre, mentre nella "Verdea" la pagina inferiore è tomentosa per lanuggine. In Francia la "Verdea" è conosciuta con il nome di "Dorée d'Italie".
Farbe Weiße Rebsorten
Wuchskraft Gut
Traubenreife III period (late September-mid-October).
Geschichte For the description of this grape variety, a "Verdea" clone has been used that exists in the ampelographic collection of the Experimental Station of Viticulture and Enology of Conegliano. The characters found in the aforementioned collection were subsequently compared in different experimental vineyards scattered in the Venezie (Cosmo, 1940).
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: pentagonal, of medium size, three-five-lobed but with shallow lateral breasts especially the upper ones; petiolar sinus to V-U (rarely divergent edges, mostly parallel instead); upper page glabrous, quite clear and shiny green, with main veins of even lighter green color and vinous nuances in the vicinity of the petiole; lower page cottony, green-whitish with light green and vinous red veins in the vicinity of the petiole; flap slightly bent to eaves, thick, slightly bullous flap surface, revolute lobes. Angle at the top of the terminal lobes almost straight; teeth quite marked, irregular, in double series, concave, medium base; ribs of 1 ° -2 ° -3 ° protruding order. Bunch: of medium size, conical pyramidal, rather short but thick, mono and bi-winged, justly compact; visible peduncle, semi-woody. Berry: of medium thickness, subrotondo, regular, with a persistent navel, a little pruinose skin, a little thick, very consistent, greenish-yellowish, opalescent (golden on the sun side); colorless juice, flesh slightly fleshy, fairly liquor, neutral, sweet, pleasant taste. Medium pedicel, with obvious rim; medium brush, colorless, normal separation from the berry.
Noten The "Verdea" grape can be considered a dual purpose. In general, however, it is used as a direct consumption grape, although there are examples of vinification, as is the case of S. Colombano al Lambro in the province of Milan (and when particular circumstances make it necessary). Resistance to diseases and adversity: it resists rot very well, so it can be preserved for a long time in the fruit cellar as well as on the plant (the harvest can also be continued for 20-30 or more days); it also has good resistance against other cryptogamic diseases, while it has been shown to immediately feel the drought.

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Vallis Mareni
DOC Prosecco Treviso Spumante Extra Dry, 90% Glera, 5% Perera, 5% Verdea
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Weißwein passito (trockenbeerwein) süß
Fattoria di Piazzano
DOC Bianco dell' Empolese Vin Santo, Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia, Verdea
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Weißwein schaumwein tankgärverfahren brut
Tenuta Viglione
IGT Puglia, 100% Verdea
11,00%, 0,75 l
LM 90
Preis CHF 11,53
Ersparnis CHF 3,20 (28%)
CHF 8,33 inkl. USt.

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