Raboso Piave

Raboso Piave

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Rebsorte Raboso Piave
Synonyme friularo, rabosa nera, raboso nostrano.
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Wuchskraft Hervorragend
Traubenreife Second decade of October.
Produktivität Abundant and constant; It does not have to be sliced ​​and sliced ​​in the adventurous vintages.
Anbaugebiet It is diffused in the province of Treviso and, marginally, in that of Pordenone.
Geschichte It would seem like an autochthonous grape of the Treviso plain. At the beginning of 1700, from Friuli, as at that time it was called the territory that from Istria came to Piave, it would be introduced also in Padua, taking the name "friularo". Cited in several documents of the 17th and 18th centuries of the Venetian Republic.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: pentagonal-orbicular, slightly elongated (lanceolate lobe), of medium size, tri-quinquelobata, sometimes eptalobata (sometimes even almost entirely in the basal part of the trunk); Open pectoral (open limb) breast, with lateral upper middle muscles, deep, flat, with edges touched or not; Shallow lower side, V; Flap somewhat wavy and bulky; Medium-marked lobes, slightly lanceted that terminal, with revolving edges; Corner at the top of the rather intense upper lobes; Top green leaf, glabra, a bit opaque; Lower gray-green page, with light felt on the flap and mixed wool with bristles on ribs; Green ribs above, partially red on insertion and appearing on the bottom; Little pronounced, irregular teeth, convex margins, mucronates. Bunch: medium size, compact, often a bit curved; 15-20 cm long, cylindrical-pyramidal (sometimes truncated conic), winged with 1 or 2 wings, rarely composed; Visible peduncle, as it is a bit short, woody; Raspo mezzano, groso; Short pedicels, greens first and reddish at the ripening of the fruit; Average-looking, brown-purple; Short brush, vinous red. The acinar is well-welded to the pedicle. Acino: medium, spheroidal (slightly elongated), of regular shape, circular cross section; Very pruinous skin, bleu-black, thick, coriacea, astringent, protruding and persistent navel; Slightly fleshy, simple, sweet, acidic, astringent flavor; Colorless juice.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale From the ravenous piave you get an intense ruby ​​red wine, with a delicate, fruity young floral fruity scent of marasca and violet and dried fruit, more pronounced in time. The taste is dry, softer and warm, with a good texture, with a strong acidity and tanniciness a little rustic, which tend to bevel with refinement.
Noten Resistance to parasites and other adversities: excellent to rotting (good grapes can be stored on the plant for a long time), good to the oj and good enough to the mildew; Its early sprouting makes it more vulnerable to other vines than any spring-loaded fever; The crickets in a few years damage the grapes, because the fight against the 2nd generation is made a bit difficult because of the cluster's compactness.

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Rosewein schaumwein tankgärverfahren brut
11,50%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 15,31
Ersparnis CHF 2,39 (16%)
CHF 12,92 inkl. USt.
Rosewein schaumwein tankgärverfahren extra dry
Conca d'Oro
VSQ , 80% Glera, 20% Raboso Piave
11,50%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 14,85
Ersparnis CHF 4,58 (31%)
CHF 10,27 inkl. USt.
Rotwein still
Ca' di Rajo
DOC Venezia Rosso, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot, 20% Raboso Piave
14,00%, 0,75 l
LM 90
Preis CHF 22,28
Ersparnis CHF 3,97 (18%)
CHF 18,31 inkl. USt.
Rotwein schaumwein tankgärverfahren aromatisch
11,00%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 16,12
Ersparnis CHF 4,70 (29%)
CHF 11,42 inkl. USt.
Nur mehr 2 Flaschen verfügbar
Preis CHF 28,50
Ersparnis CHF 5,34 (19%)
CHF 23,16 inkl. USt.
Nur mehr 2 Flaschen verfügbar
Rosewein still
De Stefani
VdT , 100% Raboso Piave
11,00%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 17,63
Ersparnis CHF 5,46 (31%)
CHF 12,17 inkl. USt.
Nur mehr 6 Flaschen verfügbar
Rotwein still
De Stefani
DOCG Malanotte del Piave, 100% Raboso Piave
15,50%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 51,43
Ersparnis CHF 12,01 (23%)
CHF 39,42 inkl. USt.
Nur mehr 3 Flaschen verfügbar
Preis CHF 30,78
Ersparnis CHF 5,15 (17%)
CHF 25,63 inkl. USt.
Nur mehr 5 Flaschen verfügbar
Weißwein schaumwein tankgärverfahren demi-sec
11,00%, 0,75 l
Preis CHF 16,09
Ersparnis CHF 2,09 (13%)
CHF 14,00 inkl. USt.
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