Informationen über Pampanuto

Rebsorte Pampanuto
Synonyme pampanino, rizzulo.
Farbe Weiße Rebsorten
Wuchskraft Gut
Traubenreife End of September, early October.
Produktivität Good
Anbaugebiet Complementary vine and very similar to the white of Alessano, it is spread in the areas of Corato and Ruvo in the province of Bari.
Geschichte The first news related to Pampanuto is written by Prof. Frojo, with a large sheet of 1875. Just two years later, in 1877, is the turn of Ravasanda, which speaks to him in his studies. There will then be a jump of about 50 years, until 1934 before we can find more news of the vine, this time by Cavazza. In recent years of in-depth studies have established that the vine will be nothing more than a Verdeca expression, although this is considered a different variety. The survey was conducted by the University of Bari through a multidisciplinary intersection confirmed by DNA analysis. The botanical, ampelographic, historical and genetic aspects of both vines were considered. In the National Register of Varieties these vines are still individually identified but scholars seem to have no doubts. Pampanuto was generally used for cutting with other wines, especially from White Bombino.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: medium size, pentalobata, top glabra, dark green. Bunch: medium-large, conic-pyramidal, simple or winged, tight enough. Acino: medium-large, round; Discreetly thick peel, greenish yellow.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale Wines in purity are light, neutral, with a nice acid shoulder. The olfactory range is fruity.
Noten Its high yield in must and the neutrality of the flavor has made it a few years ago a product that is valid for the quantitative aspects for the use in crops and cuts with other wines of greatest renown wine. In recent years, a reevaluation is also being carried out on an autonomous basis with fairly good and encouraging results. If you get a delicate, fine, good-looking, good-looking, brilliant taste product, to be used for "fresh" consumption.

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DOC Castel del Monte Bianco, Bombino Bianco/Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Pampanuto
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