葡萄品種 Bonamico
同義詞 Giacomino nel pisano, "Tinto" nel pistoiese, "Uva rosa" o "Durace" nel fiorentino.
葡萄色 紅葡萄
活力 挺好
成熟期 Third decade of September.
生產率 Abundant and constant in the clone that we deal with.
識別葡萄品種特徵 分類 Leaf: large orbicular, whole or sometimes trefoil, with petiole sinus with overlapping edges, flat flap with wavy or bullous surface, often; angle at the top of the terminal lobes rectum, glabrous upper page of dark green color, opaque and with green ribs; lower page arachnoid, light green in color with green main ribs; very protruding 1st-2nd-3rd ribs. Irregular, convex highly pronounced lateral teeth; wide base. Cluster: medium-large (length 20-35 cm) of medium-sparse appearance, elongated pyramidal with 1 or 2 wings, visible peduncle, semi-woody, large. Berry: medium or large (transverse diameter 12-20 mm) spheroid, medium persistent navel, very pruinose skin, blue in color with regular, thick color distribution; juicy flesh, slightly colored juice, neutral flavor, medium length pedicels, reddish green, evident rim, reddish green; short brush.

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