The white wines that form the base for Kriter come from the finest, wine-growing regions in France. Our wine experts make a painstaking selection, using their long experience to assess each of them in terms of the aromatic complexity and freshness it takes to produce a ‘Blanc de Blancs' white wine.

Ever since 1955, we have always taken the utmost pains to ensure our wines are of irreproachable quality. This commitment, combined with the finesse and elegance of Kriter wines, has earned them numerous accolades: ...
This quality is also acknowledged internationally. Paris, Berlin, Helsinki, Rome, Rio de Janeiro and even the Caribbean! Kriter is enjoyed throughout the world.

Elegance, know-how. sumptousness...
For over 50 years, Kriter has played an important role in all your parties and special events. Its delicate bubbles and subtle aromas make it ideal wine for your aperitifs.

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    5/7 rue du Collège - Beaune (France)
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Rosé vin mousseux méthode classique - champenois brut
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Blanc vin mousseux méthode charmat brut
VSQ , 100% Chardonnay
11,50%, 0,75 l
€ 9,90 TVA excl.
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