"The story of our estate is first and foremost the story of Pierre Brigandat, a banker with a passion for winegrowing, who was able to adapt to combine his personal ambitions with his professional life. It is the story of my father, for whom the creation of a wine estate was a means of accomplishment and personal challenge. In 1961, the Pierre Brigandat estate was born in the heart of the small village of Channes, 45km south of Troyes.

Like my father before me, the passion for champagne has become a real vocation. Since 2002, I have taken over the reins of the estate and since 2013 I have been working with Cendrine, my wife, to develop the production and marketing of Pierre Brigandat champagnes.

With rigour and passion, we cultivate two noble grape varieties: pinot noir and chardonnay, on an 8-hectare vineyard. We respect the environment (the soil has been worked with a plough since 2002) and the people. We constantly seek to honour our values through the conception of exceptional products, conceived in a rich and generous territory.

Today, no less than 7 champagnes and a Coteaux Champenois can be found in our online shop or directly in the cellar, during a tasting. (Bertrand Brigandat)

À propos de Brigandat

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    25 Grande Rue- Channes (France)
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    60 000
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Rosé vert vin mousseux méthode classique - champenois brut
AOC Champagne Rosè Brut, 100% Pinot Nero
12,00%, 0,75 l
Prix € 32,39
Économiser € 2,91 (9%)
€ 29,48 TVA excl.
Blanc vert vin mousseux méthode classique - champenois brut
AOC Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut, 100% Pinot Nero
12,00%, 0,75 l
€ 30,51 TVA excl.
Actuellement indisponible

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