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New York

New York

(United States)

New York better known as the Big Apple today boasts a large production of whiskey and gin thanks to the spread of numerous small distilleries. The production across the American continent of gin and whiskey reached the highest levels towards the end of the one thousand and eighteenth century following the well-known Sugar Act, or following the prohibition compare sugar cane from the Anglo-Saxons to the colonies of the new world. Faces known as George Washington and Paul River were formerly large consumers and producers of gins. The state of New York boasts the birth and growth of many small distilleries, about more than two hundred in the last two years. These data confirm a centuries-old tradition that is rooted in the Anglo-Saxon tradition and that today does not know any crisis. The rich and ever-up-to-date city of New York, in recent years has given way to the production of homemade whiskey based on corn and local rye, without filtration and any impurities, even overcoming the traditional aging in oak barrels. Currently the city of New York, with its many micro distilleries, has sold to the production of whiskey moonshiner, as it can be consumed immediately without the need to age in the barrels, from here the name of White dog for its transparent color, more and more similar to the spirit. The production of gin is not slow to slow down in New York as in the rest of America, in fact the production of the classic gin New York based on cinnamon, hibiscus and sambuca, with its forty-six degrees and dry taste, not too sugary is still the most consumed drink today.

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New York

Information about New York

New York
United States
Soil and climate
New York is a maritime city, but its climate has distinct features of continentality, similar to the rest of the Atlantic coastal strip of the northeastern United States. It is characterized by long and cold winters relative to its latitude, with average temperatures (between minimum and maximum) of 0 °C or slightly above and peaks of -20 °C, snow storms and storms due to the Labrador current and the absence of shelters that can protect the region from the impetuous northern winds. Summers are hot and humid (average 25 °C in July).
The first origin of New York dates back to 1626, when the Dutch P. Minnewit bought the island of Manhattan from the Indians and had the strong Amsterdam built there. A shopping center (called New Amsterdam) arose around the fort, populated by protestant refugees from all over Europe and New England. Because of the despotic government of the Dutch West India Company, the inhabitants forced Governor P. Stuyvesant to surrender, when the English fleet presented itself before the city (1664); this became an English possession, while in honor of the Duke of York assumed its current name, together with the entire territory of New Holland. Returned to the Dutch (1673-74), the city was in English hands from 1776 to 1783; from 1789 to 1790 it constituted the seat of the United States government. During the Civil War (1862-65) it was the scene of riots against conscription and even tried to establish itself in an autonomous republic. The Greater New York (so called from 1898, when it ended the incorporation of neighboring administrative districts) for its character of metropolis of international trade was later hostile to protectionism and favorable to the pro-European politics of the League of Nations. On 11 September 2001, Manhattan was the subject of an unprecedented terrorist attack. Two airliners, hijacked by groups of Islamic terrorists, within a few tens of minutes hit the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, causing the collapse of the same towers and some neighboring buildings, and thousands of victims.
Typical products
The American Dry Gin is a gin produced in the United States on the style of London Dry Gin, using column distillers, but it is less fragrant than the London one. The production system requires that cereals are not distilled, but industrial alcohol is used, which is then added with juniper berries or various aromas, such as fennel and anise seeds, orange and lemon zest; in essence it is a strand of an artificial product.
Typical dishes
Traveling to New York is like visiting the whole world. Most Michelin-starred restaurants are located right in New York. New York is the dream of all travelers "good forks". The city offers different culinary experiences in areas - The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island - which can be classified primarily based on the origin of their inhabitants. Food, as well as art and entertainment, reflect the idiosyncrasies of all immigrants who have come in search of a better quality of life, without abandoning their customs, traditions and religions. And the recipes of their grandmothers. So we find from one district to another, different and succulent ingredients and culinary creations such as Latin, European (especially Italian and French) or Asian.

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Producer Brooklyn Gin
Spirit type Gin
Region: New York
Made from
Alcohol: 40.00% by volume
Format: 0,70 l
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Producer Prohibition Distillery
Spirit type Gin
Region: New York
Made from Corn
Alcohol: 47.00% by volume
Format: 0,70 l
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€ 45.14
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