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Unspoiled nature, national parks famous all over the world, atmospheres and hints reminiscent of the old West, about 300 days of sunshine a year: all this is Colorado. A land full of perfumes: it goes from the vast plains to the imposing Rocky Mountains in a generally arid climate that however becomes very rainy and humid near the Rocky Mountains.
Speaking of Colorado, the best selling product is the Golden Moon Gin, a distilled single product with limpidissima water, rich in mineral salts, of the Rocky Mountains. It is distilled using the best herbs and spices, in fact it has a highly floral aroma with hints of mint and berries.
There is no rule for the dosage of herbs, spices and aromas, the true uniqueness lies in extracting accurately the essential oils of each of the selected aromatic herbs.
The three main gin techniques are: thedistillation, the aromatization for the infusion and the aromatization for maceration.
If we talk about Colorado and gin, it is also necessary to name the whiskey, a noble distillate with ancient origins: the Gun fighter american bourbon whiskey is excellence. It is a aged liqueur for a period of at least 6 months in American oak barrels and then subsequently terminated in French Port barrels. This gives the whiskey a unique taste appreciated both by the classic connoisseurs of whiskey and by the neophytes. For its production it is good to use a mixture containing at least 51% of corn among all the cereals. The preparation involves the process of maceration, fermentation, distillation, maturation, mixing and finally bottling.

Information about Colorado

Region Colorado
Country United States of America
Climate and soil The climate is generally very arid, with little rainfall. Summers are hot and dry with temperatures that can easily reach 40 degrees centigrade. In winter, the climate remains mild in the East, while in the western part near the Rocky Mountains there are average temperatures of 6 ° C and heavy rainfall, including the capital Denver.
History The first Europeans to arrive in the area were Spanish explorers in the 16th century. They were looking for gold, but they did not find it and they soon left the area without trying to colonize it. In 1682 the French explorer Robert Cavalier claimed for France an area that is now eastern Colorado. In 1705 Juan de Ulibarri, an officer of the Spanish army, claimed the area for Spain. In 1803, the United States bought from France a large part of the current Colorado as part of the Louisiana Purchase (the whole eastern part of the Rockies). In the next twenty years, many Americans explored the area. Among the first there was Zebulon M. Pike, an army officer, who entered Colorado in 1806. The first permanent settlement was the Bent's Fort, built in 1833. It was also used as a base by the famous adventurer Kit Carson. In 1821 Mexico tore control of Western Colorado from Spain. During the war between the United States and Mexico of 1846-1848, the area was controlled by the United States. In 1858 several strands of gold were found near present-day Denver, and many seekers flowed into the area. The slogan "Pikes Peak or Bust" (getting to Pikes Peak or bursting) was used to entice other Americans to become gold diggers. Towards the end of 1859 about 100,000 people had settled in the area. There were problems with several tribes of Indians, who had received various reservations through various treaties. The gold diggers ignored the treaties and established what they called the Jefferson Territory. The Congress did not recognize this territory and created the Colorado Territory in 1861. There were several clashes between the Indians and government troops, which culminated in the Sand Creek massacre, where several hundred men, women and children of the tribe were killed. of the Cheyenne. On August 1, 1876, Colorado was annexed to the Union as the 38th state. John L. Routt was elected as the first governor.
Typical products The American wiskey - bourbon, rye or the others - are: distilled from a fermented mash of cereals with at least 51% of corn (or rye, or wheat, etc., and very often have a higher percentage of the main cereal); distilled to not more than 159 proof; matured to an initial gradation not exceeding 125 proof, in a new and carbonized oak barrel (used barrels may be used, but the label must be different); bottled at no less than 80 proofs, without addition of colorings or flavorings. Also, if they have aged for more than two years in oak, they are "straight wishey"; if they are aged for less than four years, age must be indicated on the label. It is also interesting to highlight what is not required by law. Despite what can be said, bourbon does not have to be (although in most cases it is): made in Kentucky, made from corn and only two other cereals, matured in white oak barrels, matured in oak barrels American. The single malt is wholly aged malt whiskey from a single distillery, at least three years. The straight bourbon whiskey is all aged whiskey coming from a single distillery, at least two years (almost always at least four years).

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He comes from Colorado and has seduced even the most demanding British connoisseurs the gin of Mr. Stephen Gould and his beloved wife, with whom he shares an unlimited passion for liqueurs and spirits. This is why the Golden Moon Gin label is in...
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Wood's High Mountain
A single malt, perhaps not in the Scottish sense of the word, but all grains used from this one distillery are malts. Over 78% barley, wheat, and rye are the malted grains used with a portion of the barley cherrywood smoked and another portion...
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