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Information about Sirica

Grape variety Sirica
Grape color Red grape
Initial spread Autochthon
Vigor Good
Productivity Altopiano di Taurasi - Campania
Growing areas The volcanic plateau of Taurasi in Campania, preserve for its pedo-climatic and cultural characteristics, a viticulture with very ancient and original genetic-structural features. Among the many varieties still present in plants from the centenary, there are also some Syrian strains of the alleged age of 250-280 years, free of foot, by the great vegetative and productive development. These plants were a few years ago multiplied in a modern vineyard at the back.
History The first testimonies of the Sirica grape variety (or Syrian or Syricus) are literary and date back to Pliny (NH, XIV, 41-51) that in 75 AD. It contains it among the grapes grown in the Roman Campania and attributes the name derived from syricum, a reddish color that is very widespread. Isidore of Seville in 63 dC (O.VII, 5-28) also calls it Vitis sciovia and makes him derive from Syria and agrees with Pliny to place him among the most valuable Aminees. Catone (De Agr.106) states that the introduction of this vine in Italy took place long before the foundation of Rome from a region inhabited by the Seri. More recently, it has been suggested that the name Sirica comes from Siri, an ancient city located on the Ionian Sea, near Metaponto, which after the Second Punic War, controlled by Rome on Magna Grecia, was called Eraclea. Some French authors (André, 1953 and Rezèau, 1998) have proposed semantic affinity with Syrah, Serine and Shesh, vines from distant Dalmatian origins. Research carried out by the company "Feudi di San Gregorio" on the last four original plants still present in Taurasi, using DNA markers and the profile of the anthocyanins, showed a certain genetic affinity with some northeastern vineyards Of Italy such as Teroldego, Lagrein and Refosco, linked to the focal colonization of the Po Delta. Relationships with Aglianico also suggest that Sirica is an ancestral of this vine, an expression of Etruscan viticulture, Enclave of Capua has been spread by the Longobards, as evidenced by the cultivation of Avellino and beneventano (the tannins or tsars) towards Irpinia.
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Producer Feudi San Gregorio
Wine type Red still
Region: Campania
Grapes: 100% Sirica
Alcohol: 13.50% by volume
Format: 0,75 l Standard
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€ 11.00
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