Akashi Whisky Single Malt 0.5l
Akashi Whisky Single Malt 0.5l

White Oak Distillery, 0,50 l - 46,00%

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Japan - Japan
Single malt Whisky



14 -16°C.


Akashi Whisky Single Malt 0.5l

The White Oak Distillery's Japanese Single Malt Whiskey "Akashi" is superb and powerful, and can harmoniously combine the presence of vanilla notes with the smells of American oak. The limited quantities in which it is produced make it even more precious. Unmissable.


Amber with brilliant reflections.


The hints that come to the nose are malted, floral, chamomile and Sherry.


The sip is long and soft, fine and round, light and tasty with creamy hints and notes of vanilla. Good persistence.


Name Akashi Whisky Single Malt 0.5l
Art des Destillats Single malt Whisky
Format 0,50 l
Alkoholgehalt 46,00% vol.
Land Japan
Anbauregion Japan
Allergene Enthält Sulfite
Im Angebot Preis Akashi Whisky Single Malt 0.5l CHF 87,34  inkl. USt.
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The history of the Japanese Whiskey is closely connected to that of the young chemistry student Masataka Taketsuru who, after the First World War, went to Scotland to learn the method of producing malt spirits. On his return, Taketsuru decided to fo...

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