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Rebsorte Terrano
Synonyme terrano del Carso, terrano d'Istria, refosco d'Istria, refosco del Carso, cagnina, crodarina, terran.
Farbe Rote Rebsorten
Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Wuchskraft Gut
Traubenreife The first decade of October.
Produktivität Abundant and constant.
Anbaugebiet It is spread only in the Istrian karst areas.
Geschichte It is a very ancient vine, whose cultivation was already known by the Greeks who called it Pictaton who appreciated the qualities in the wine and considered it coming from the southern Adriatic. But this alleged origin does not find any evidence and probably must be attributed more to the early Greek colonization in Italy but not to the spread of this vine. In fact, the vine then spread to Romagna under the name of Cagnina. The name Terrano instead for someone seems perhaps due to the stone of Istria traded in the past in the area. His full name today is in fact Terrano of the Karst or Istria, being part of the family of Refosco, also Refosco del Carso or of Istria. But the name is probably due to the organoleptic qualities of the wines that have a very dense color and powerful and marked flavors. In fact, in German it means tar and, as is well known, Friuli has been for centuries under Austro-Hungarian rule when the Austrians particularly loved this wine for the medicinal properties due to the highly ferruginous soil on which the vineyards were and are still today , Cultivated. Over the centuries, these features indicated it in traditional medicine for regenerative therapies against anemia.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: medium or larger, rounded, pentagonal, trilobated, with lobes just mentioned, corner at the top of the nearly straight leg lobe; Mid-open P-shaped pectoral breast, sometimes U. Upper lateral veins above the open V, just mentioned; Upper page glabra, green-dark and opaque, bollosa; Grayish-green bottom page for strong felted hollows, spread on the flap and along the ribs, which also feature fur coats. Fleece a little thick, slightly folded with revolving edges. First and second order ribs protruding on the bottom side and bent on the upper one, reddish red for two-thirds of their length on the top and only to the base in the lower one. Thin tooth, irregular teeth, double, convex, wide base. Bunch: Large, about 20 cm long, typically pyramidal, broad, winged, medium-sized; Peduncle mezzanine, large, lignified to the base, cinnamon-brown color and green after the first branching; Medium, thin, red-alive pedicels; Evident, smooth, red; Small brush, vinous red; Easy separation of the pedicle from the aquarium. Acino: medium size (about 15 mm) slightly elliptical, circular cross section; Intense blue skin, very pruinose, a bit thin; consistant Persistent navel; Melted pulp, with a simple, sweet, acidic flavor.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale The wines have deep ruby-purple colors, with a beautiful olfactory range of red fruits, such as plum or raspberry, with beautiful touches of almonds and wild berries. On the palate there are dry, lively acids that must be attenuated in refining, with a medium or full body depending on vinification with good alcoholicity and a good tannic texture. It tends to drink it in youth but it is advisable to wait a few years, when the acidity has attenuated and the structure is softer, although it rarely develops tertiary flavors. With a strong fragrance and light vinegar, the palate reveals dry, good body, medium alcoholic, acidic, tannic, quite pleasant overall.
Noten Resistance to adversity: subject to biting and impaling; Good resistance to crittograms and rotting.

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