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Rebsorte Maresco
Farbe Weiße Rebsorten
Wuchskraft Mittel gut
Anbaugebiet White grape variety grown in the region of Puglia.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: medium-large, orbicular or trilobed with evident depressions on the flap. Bunch: medium sized, conical, sparse and winged. Grape: medium size, elliptical shape.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale Straw yellow and a fair olfactory intensity characterized above all by floral and herbaceous notes, while the fruity notes are light but very pleasant. The good alcohol content and structure are accompanied by good taste persistence and balance, and excellent acidity.
Noten The fertility is average and constant throughout the fruit, the average value of the basal buds (1.5) allows a wide choice in the adoption of short pruning and / or mixed. The vine is of medium vigour and very high and constant productivity over the years. The variety has, even with very high unit yields, a good accumulation of sugars combined with a very high acidity, a characteristic sought after and infrequent in vines of the southern hot-arid areas.

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Weißwein ökologisch schaumweine méthode ancestrale (zu deutsch altertümlich) pas dosé
IGT Salento, 100% Maresco
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