Malvasia del Lazio

Malvasia del Lazio

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Rebsorte Malvasia del Lazio
Synonyme malvasia nostrale, malvasia gentile, malvasia col puntino, malvasia puntinata.
Farbe Weiße Rebsorten
Aroma Halbaromatisch
Wuchskraft Hervorragend
Traubenreife End of September, beginning of October.
Produktivität Media and even poor.
Anbaugebiet It is widely spread in Lazio and, albeit limited, in other areas of the center-south.
Geschichte Malvasia owes its name to the Greek port of Monemvasia, from where the spread of this vine began, and probably its origin is Hellenic. The Malvasie in common have their wines always very loaded and aromatic, almost all sweet and alcoholic. The Malvasia of Lazio in particular was recognized in 1888 by Mengarini even though the Acerbi in 1825 introduced the description. It is a vine of quality that unfortunately has known in the past a strong decline in use due to the particular suffering of adversity. Today, it begins its rediscovery with good vinification in purity or assembly.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: medium size, orbicular, trilobata and rarely quinquelobata; Petiole breast in lira, closed or semi-closed, moderately deep; Upper side veins open to V, shallow; Lower lateral breasts, when there are, open to V, shallow; Upper leaf glabra, green loaded, smooth; Bottom page glabra; Flap slightly gutted; Flat lobbies, dotted corners; Main ribs on the lower green side with light pink shades; Regular dentition, in two series, medium-sized or nearly small teeth, straight-to-narrow, narrow-edged. Bunch: Medium or nearly large, conical, often winged and pyramidal, clasped or semi-spatula for light sanding; Short peduncle, large, semi-woody. Acino: medium size, round; Peel of yellowish color, sprinkled with punctuation and brown spots, medium-primitive, very obvious navel, nearly soft and simple flavor; Medium length and thickness and green color; Average, obvious, large and green; Short and yellowish brush; Separation of the acine from the medium of medium difficulty.
Sortencharakteristische Merkmale With the Malvasia of Lazio you get a pale straw yellow wine, with a strong intense and fruity scent. The tasting exam expresses a good balance between freshness and pseudo-calorie sensations, with a pleasant ending.
Noten Resistance to disease and adversity: sensitive to mildew and nausea.

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