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Ursprüngliche Verbreitung Autochthon
Wuchskraft Hervorragend
Geschichte The vine was described using a clone from the vineyard of Giuseppe Valenti da Rosolini, located in the municipality of Noto (province of Syracuse), in the 'Belliscale' district. The characteristics found in this vineyard were then compared with those of the 'Calabrese' variety grown in the municipalities of Pachino and Avola, also in the province of Syracuse, with those of the same variety grown in Vittoria, in the province of Ragusa, and with those presented by clones in the ampelographic collection of the Istituto Tecnico Agrario Statale di Catania.
Ampelographische Merkmale Leaf: large, orbicular, entire; petiolar sinus with closed or open lyre, sometimes also with closed lyre with overlapping edges; apical lobe flat; angle at the top of the terminal lobes, obtuse; upper page deep green in colour, surface of the flap wavy, thick, opaque and glabrous; underside light green in colour, arachnoid; green veins, upper and lower; arachnoid lower nerves of 1st and 2nd order, protruding 1st and 2nd order nerves; teeth irregular; not very pronounced and mucronate; with irregular margins and broad base. Bunch at industrial maturity: medium, conical, winged (with a wing), often compound, medium in appearance; visible peduncle, semi-woody, large; medium pedicel, green; evident cercine, green; short brush, easily separable from the berry. Berry: medium, ellipsoid or ovoid, regular, regular cross-section (circular); bluish skin, regularly distributed; pruinose, medium thick and leathery; prominent umbilicus; juicy, simple-flavoured flesh; colourless juice.

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