V8 Vineyards

V8 Vineyards

An ambitious project capable of combining modernity and tradition. This is how Ottopiù Vineyards was born, one of the Veneto brands of Genagricola, the agri-food holding company of the Generali Assicurazioni Group.

A family of Prosecco, also from Valdobbiadene and Cartizze, which refers to number 8 as a symbol of the infinite, the reflection of the spirit in the created and incommensurable way. A number that contains in itself the "secret" of immortality and therefore the number of eternal youth has been defined.

The same that represents the 8 individuals, tenacious, stubborn and practical, strongly linked to the realization of this project. Or the minutes used by sunlight to reach the earth, the vine, its clusters, always 8. To this are added -and here is explained the "more" - the care, attention and energy used to pursue the more total quality and to make this beautiful idea known to the world.


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    V8 Vineyards
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    Via Mons. P.L. Zovatto, 71 - Loncon di Annone Veneto VE)
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V8 Vineyards
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