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In Castelnuovo dell'Abate, where my family verwurzelt is and always with the work on the country and was connected for the village, I could acquire at the end of of 1986 a farmhouse with property and continue with it this tradition. The natural suitability of this soil for the cultivation of wine and olivenbaeumen as well as my business spirit me difficult moments helped to overcome. The acquisition I began right after to make important changes in order to transform the possession into predominantly the viticulture dedicated an agriculture enterprise. I maintained the original name "Uccelliera" (bird house).

Although the emphasis of the yard should be the viticulture, the olivenbaeume, which framed the farmhouse, stand calmly from respect for these several hundred years old plants. Growing and prospering the yard led to an expansion of the viticulture. Under careful retaining of the characteristic characteristics of building and environment the property house was reconditioned. In order to become fair the need according to the new functional premises for the wine preparing, development and storage to change the existing buildings made a cellar under without the characteristic of the place.


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    Podere Uccelliera, 45 - Fraz. Castelnuovo dell'Abate - Montalcino (Si)
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    Andrea Cortonesi
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