Poggio Landi

Poggio Landi

Nestled in the Montalcino hills in one of the world’s most important terroirs, Poggio Landi produces expansive melodious and complex wines. The grapes come from Montalcino vineyards lying between 175 and 500 meters above see level whose exposition and soil composition vary. A treasure trove of biodiversity goes hand in hand wiht the magic of this land and its wines.

A world within a world. This is one way of describing Poggio Landi, an estate at one with the Montalcino terroir, a winemaking region hailed as paradise by international enthusiasts and connoisseurs. A spellbinding, deeply evocative place sets the scene for Poggio Landi, a winery focused on delivering the utmost quality with quantities capable of meeting the market desires of millions of Brunello lovers worldwide.

After all, it’s superfluous to dwell on the power that Montalcino holds over wine lovers at every latitude. Finding a symbiosis this strong between the land and its wine is a rarity.

Here the concept of terroir takes on significance inaccessible to others. Like dancing, you arch, you stretch, turn to East and set in the West: it conceals treasure this mild and melodious land, intoxicated by beauty at every step so similar, so different.

A glass of Brunello di Montalcino is not simply a wine of extraordinary quality; instead it is a way of experiencing a lingering portrayal of the landscape, the centuries-old labours of man and his ability to reap from the land, through passion and dedication, the finest fruit that the earth is capable of cultivating. More than that, it is a sip of history and Tuscan vineyards.

Our Brunello 2016 Poggio Landi has obtained an important recognition: every year in the month of November, the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator publishes the list of the Best 100 Wines in the World ("Top 100 Wines of 2021"). World ("Top 100 Wines of 2021").

Brunello Docg 2016 Poggio Landi won the twelfth place in the most influential wine list of the world. world's most influential wine ranking, where the best wines tasted by the editorial staff during the year are placed, taking into consideration the absolute quality of the wine but also the value and availability. Third place on the podium if we look at the positions reserved to Italy.

Brunello 2016 Poggio Landi had earned the 97 points of the renowned magazine right at the time of its release, with great appreciation by Bruce Sanderson, who had stressed the complexity, the beautiful balance and the length of the sip.


  • 名称
    Poggio Landi
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  • 地址
    Località Pod. Belvedere - Montalcino (SI)
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  • 酿酒师
    Giovanni Alberio
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