Maso Cantanghel

Maso Cantanghel

Maso Cantanghel is a small but significant wine producer in Trento. The surrounding hills (about 460 metres above sea level), the optimal nature of the terrain and the excellent sun exposure, combine together to provide a perfect microclimate for developing high quality viticulture. Currently the cultivated area of Maso Cantanghel is about 6 hectares.

Close to the vineyard of Civezzano rises an ancient and fascinating Austrian fort, which is of considerable historical interest. Built between 1868 and 1876 on the Valsugana road, the purpose of this fort was to guard the Eastern approach to the city of Trento, as in the years before 1900 this was the only passable point from this direction. Originally this road was the ancient Roman road known as the “Claudia Augusta” where a great many historical events took place over the preceding centuries. The fort, modernized before the first World War, was used, before the ongoing restoration, as the cellar of Maso Cantanghel, uniting the history and the produce of the Trentino region.

Partly due to this historical link, Lorenzo Simoni and his son Federico, who leads now the winery, takes over the firm, not only to promote his own wine line (Cantine Monfort) but to promote and expand the Maso Cantanghel wine line as well, yet always with the intention to safeguard our beautiful land. There are several activities which the cellar promotes: guided tours to discover the cultivation of the vines and tastings of our wines.


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    Maso Cantanghel
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    Via Carlo Sette, 21 - Lavis (TN)
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  • 酿酒师
    Maurizio Iachemet
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红葡萄酒 green 醇
Maso Cantanghel
DOC Trentino Pinot Nero, 100% Pinot Nero
14.00%, 0,75 l
GR 3
HK$ 250.00
Available from 2022/10/16

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